Friday, July 28, 2017


Once upon a time long ago (1988-1989) there was a girl. She was awkward, had low self-esteem and braces with huge Jane Fonda 80's glasses and her mom permed her hair. It was not a pretty picture.

As the girl entered 9th grade she found herself welcomed into a group of kind and caring people. They talked and laughed and included her. But of all the group who welcomed her one boy stood out. His name was Curtis but everyone called him Kent. He sat with her often and even helped her out of a few scrapes. He was cool. He was older and he had A CAR! But morw importantly,  he was her friend. He didn't care that people said she was weird or the other stuff they said and he made 9th grade bearable.
Flash forward to today. Today my friend is losing the fight with cancer. Today he is being kept comfortable in hospice care and friends are encouraged to visit. Sadly,  this friend, the girl who wishes she could fly to see him cannot be there.

Living in Washington has a lot of nice perks; beautiful landscapes, 
amazing places we can explore and the list could go on. But today it is too far. Too far to afford a ticket or gas money to drive to see my friend. Too far to say goodbye to the boy who made this girls days a little brighter even though, high school pretty much sucked. He made me laugh,  he was hard working,  generous when needed, and willing to talk and listen when I needed it. No words will ever be able to say thank you enough to Kent.

So today I am sad, wistful and wishing for a short time I could go back to Oklahoma and say the things I need to say, but this blog will have to be enough.
Thank you, Kent for being my friend and for finding me on FB so I could get to know you again. I love you and I am praying for you.

In Christ,
Maureen, the girl who needed you as a friend.

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