Saturday, June 24, 2017

One Great Adventure

Yesterday was an uneventful day to start. Then we found ourselves in the middle of a great adventure. The main character in this adventure is our youngest child Beka. She is 10, smart and apparently was feeling very confident in her ability to get home before I realized she had been gone. . .She was wrong.

Around 1:15 p.m. Beka asked if she could go explore and play at the creek. I told her to stay close because Chris a.k.a Daddy would be home soon and he might want to go somewhere. So she left happy and she hadn't ever been gone too long before so I was surprised to see it was 2:30 p.m. and no Beka. I asked Elizabeth to go search for her not knowing Lizzie had seen her at the park earlier when she took the dog for a walk. 

Chris made it home and about this time I'm beginning to worry. Beka had never been gone this long before and something had my mommy sonar going off. So we drove looking for her and no Beka.  Chris came back, dressed in hiking clothing and had Elizabeth show him where the creek was specifically and then he began making his way through the creek while Sarah and Elizabeth began driving around searching for her.  In the meantime I was stuck here in the house. I was burned four weeks ago in a grill fire and so I am not supposed to get my hands and arms in the sun due to the severity of the burns. Talk about a crummy thing to be, stuck...

As they all left I started praying and asked for prayer on Facebook.  People began praying, I continued praying asking God to let me know if I should panic or not...Nope I had a sense of peace. After a while some of my friends convinced me to call the police,  I did and the Mount Vernon Police responded quickly.  Officer Gless came to the house and asked for important information. I was able to give it to him and slowly but surely we began playing the waiting game.  In the meantime I got things going on garage sale groups and tips began pouring in of sighting of Beka.

Truthfully,  those tips helped me not lose it completely.  Don't think I didn't cry, I did. And Lizzie stayed with me.  She was a huge comfort and gave me hugs, brought tissues, and remembered she had seen Beka at the park. We shared this news and discovered the police were already following social media.  I had made my profile public for that time  (it has since been returned to it's  locked down status).  Four o'clock, five o'clock came we hit the six o'clock mark and I was struggling to trust in God and know Beka was okay when the phone rang about 6:30 p.m. Sarah had found her!

So where during all of this was my wayward wanderer? She decided she wanted to take a long walk so she left the park, went towards Burlington. Now our town and Burlington are connected so it wasn't a stretch for her to want to go that far.  After all when puppies,  kittens and fish call to you who can resist their siren song? Apparently, not my daughter,  so she walked 10 miles to see animals, not before stopping at the Country Store for some free popcorn because she was hungry and to see their baby chicks. She meandered all over and headed back to Mount Vernon and stopped at the River to rinse her shirt because it had thorns from the creek in it and she was tired of them irritating her. And then proceeded to walk around the downtown area looking around and exploring before her oldest sister, Sarah found her. The adventure was over and now she had to come home and face the music. 

This music wasn't fun, she was scolded by a police officer because she wasted police resources and the search and rescue volunteers time and Sarah woke up only to spend her time from being awake until she had to go in to work searching and crying because where on Earth could Beka be?! Her boss called another waitress in and so Sarah was able to come home and relax. The neat part of this was I had been praying that God would help Chris and Sarah hear Him speaking. Sarah was ready to give up when something nagged at her to go downtown one more time when she found Beka.
Chris is scratched up all over his hands and arms, Beka is also scratched and she is sunburned, Sarah and I required chocolate and a good night's sleep. Chris needs another 24 hours to recover and Beka is learning rapidly the consequences and how her choices affected all of us.

I hope you all have a less eventful weekend than we had.
In Christ,

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