Friday, June 30, 2017


For the past five weeks I have been primarily stuck in the house. Why is a stupid story that only highlights my poor judgement. Short story I used too much lighter fluid on the grill and ended up burned badly.  Second degree burns on my hands, arms, chest and lips (yes you read that correctly,  I burned my lips)

For those who aren't on my FB, when you have second degree burns it means you have to stay out of the sun. Even indirect sunlight must be limited.  So while I recovered I was basically stuck in the house unless it was dark.
I didn't mind at first because I was in a good deal of pain, but by week three and a half I started feeling the cabin fever.
You don't realize how much you like going outside until you can't.  Today (Friday) my purchase arrived. Four beautiful pairs of driving gloves arrived. They even have UV protection. Freedom in a package arrived. Thank goodness.

Add to this joyous arrival the fact that Chris got the 2006 Kia we purchased up and running means we have more freedom.  We can go to the library anytime, I can go grocery shopping without waking up at 4 a.m. to drive Chris to work and I can take the girls to the library or to hiking trails. I can go get in laps at the mall. FREEDOM!!!!

The irony is I have enjoyed the ability and freedom to stay home, especially this past winter. It was nasty, but now we are thrilled to be able to go out and make friends. FREEDOM!!

I hope you all have a great 4th of July because this year bells of Freedom will definitely be ringing!!!

In Christ,

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