Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Making Some Changes

One of the many neat things about homeschooling is you have a lot more freedom to work at your own pace.  This means I can work on Lizzie's timetable more than mine.  I know that sounds a bit like unschooling, but I have certain standards that need to be met each day.

However, I also have to confess that since we got sick in late November we have faced a series of setbacks, including a printer that doesn't want to work for me anymore.  So once our car is fixed, I plan to purchase a brand new computer so the girls and I can get back into a good school groove, even if we have to do school during the summer.  The beauty of homeschooling and not using a state school is I can work within the challenges we run into. 

I was doing a mixture of different curriculums, and then I discovered Practical Homeschooling from several girlfriends of mine on Facebook and the face and ideas of what I thought homeschooling was are changing. 

I admit I have been very frustrated with trying to keep track of all of the work and keep everyone on track.  Obviously, unless I switch us to an online school that is state run (that's not happening) or to Switched on Schoolhouse, I will have to be the one to do the grading.  However, upon discovering Practical Homeschooling online, I also discovered Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschooling. 
Here is the link if anyone is interested in checking it out.

The woman who started Easy Peasy felt led by God to start making homeschooling an option and a free option.  So she has been kind enough to bless those of us who are frustrated with other options.  She uses online resources that are all free and you get to create lapbooks with your children, which I love, because it makes it a bit easier to track it all AND it means they get to learn how to be more responsible.  But the most important factor for me was that it helps me save space.

I live in a small apartment and we won't be moving for another year, so space is a commodity in short supply in our apartment.  I didn't think it would be a big difference when Sarah moved out to go to college, but we have quickly discovered we have a bit more space freedom.  We miss Sarah and would happily welcome her back in a heartbeat, but it's also nice for the girls to have a little more wiggle room. 

If homeschooling is something you want to do there are many free online resources., YouTube has HarryKindergarten and KidsTV123 to help with Kindergarten curriculum,, and are all options you can check out with free printables to help supplement your youngster's education. 

What homeschooling ideas or resources have you found helpful?  Is there a curriculum you swear by?
How do you feel God has led you in school for your children? 

Have a good week.
In Christ,

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Launna said...

I wish I could have been a stay at home mom so that I could have had the opportunity to teach my children at home... I would have had to have been more organized than I am now... :)