Thursday, February 28, 2013


I turn 39 years old today and I'm okay with that.  I really struggled with turning 34 years old.  For whatever reason it was an age I never saw myself hitting.  I think we all face it, we are aging.  We look older, the youth we enjoyed was much more fleeting than any of us thought and I'm positive seeing several funerals in one year and each of them being younger than I was did not help. 

So I have a year before I turn 40 and I'll be honest, I'm excited.  It means we are closer to retirement, closer to meeting God and getting new Heavenly bodies.  Don't misunderstand me I'm not planning to die any time soon, but there is something kind of exciting about the idea of being in an incorruptible body.  Maybe mine will be taller and thinner and not struggle with pesky dry skin so much.

The thirties have been an interesting decade.  In nine years I have seen quite a few funerals (a few I'd like to forget), two deployments, calling the police to my home (don't ask), a year of unemployment, I have seen my marriage strengthen and my husband blossom into the amazing man that God showed me he could be, we welcomed Sarah into our home and saw her off to college, we welcomed Beka into our family and home and she is charming.  We discovered Lizzie was on the Autism Spectrum with Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified, she started an awesome school that helped her so much and we have watched her blossom so much in nine years.  I also got some closure for some questions and issues that had nagged at me.  I said hellos and goodbyes, moved from Kansas to Washington and enjoyed getting to know some new people (Lisa, Cari, Patty and Amber and of course, the Knapps),  Lizzie has made new friends and we started homeschooling.  It's insane the different things that can happen when in nine short years.  So as I face one year until I hit 40 I find I'm excited and looking forward to see what the next eleven years hold for Chris, I and our family.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.
In Christ,