Saturday, November 24, 2012

Confessions of a Mom

I admit it!  I know it may not be a good thing and maybe it didn't set a very Christ like example, but I'm the angry woman who ripped into a couple who brought their child to church WITH RSV!!!!

Elizabeth was a newborn and had been really sick all winter long.  It had been a while since we had made it to church and I really, really wanted to go.  I loaded her up and took her to the nursery and sat in church, but this nagging feeling kept at me and so I went down a few moments before church got out and there is a mom comforting her child who is red with fever and has a barky cough I recognized right away RSV. 

If this had been Beka, I might not have worried, but this was Elizabeth and we had been in and out of the ER for months battling one thing after the other and it always, always went straight to her chest.  She was miserable, I was miserable, Chris was missing work and here was this woman who brought her child to church sick?!  And Lizzie was sitting in a worker's lap next to this person and her child. 

I lost it and ripped into the mom for being rude and disrespectful enough to bring a child to church who was obviously sick and told her to she needed to take her baby to the ER, immediately.  From a distance I could see her child struggling to breath and I could hear her rattling.  I put the mom's ear to her child's back and told her to listen.  Then I had her listen to Lizzie, who happened to be clear at the time.  She immediately got up and rushed out and I'm presuming she rushed straight to the ER.    Hopefully, her baby was okay, but sure enough a few days later, we too were at the doctor's office.  That was the point when Elizabeth's pediatrician called our insurance and demanded that they purchase us a nebulizer for Elizabeth.  Ten visits in a short time was causing her to worry. 

What is the point of me sharing this?  This is my point... not every one is blessed to have a child with a strong immune system.  There are children born with liver, kidney, blood, heart and the list goes on in the names of diseases.  When you knowingly take your child to a family function or to a friend's house who has a child who has these diseases you put that child at risk.  This also goes for children who are post transplant.  There is a reason why some of my friends and I don't get to see each other often, they have a sick child and as a parent who spent years battling the Asthma Monster I get how important it is to keep your illness from a child whose immune system may or may not be so great. 

So the next time you have a holiday or family gathering coming up - if your child becomes ill think about the people in your family.  Is there a baby who was born prematurely?  They would be very susceptible to catching your child's illness and getting it worse than your child.  Does anyone have a child with asthma, allergies, a weak respiratory system, liver disease, kidney disease. . .I think you get my point. 

I hope you all have a happy healthy holiday season.  But let's think before making a selfish choice please. . . your choices impact other's lives.

In Christ,


Launna said...

It must be very overwhelming to have to deal with people who don't understand.

3Monkeysmom said...

Yes, it can be, and we only deal with asthma issues for Lizzie. But we know families whose children have had heart or liver transplants. We do not go to church sick, it's not right to share it with others.