Friday, August 17, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to Not Totally Hate Summer

Summer has come to Washington.  Yesterday, we got up into the 90's and many people fled to stores and the mall as well as play areas with air conditioning to stay cool.  I know it might sound funny to many of you, but for most of my friends in Washington, cooler weather is what they know.

I grew up in Oklahoma and Kansas - not quite as warm as say living in San Antonio, TX or Arizona, but when it got hot in the summer it got HOT!  Triple digit heat is hot regardless of it being a dry heat or a wet heat.  Although, Chris assures me there is a difference, because being in Iraq was more bearable for him than Kuwait where he said, the humidity coming off the ocean was so heavy it made it almost impossible to walk, much less breathe.   Either way, I LOVE the weather in Washington.  I don't care about the rain, or that it stays overcast.  Being far sighted means my eyes are somewhat light sensitive.  Chris, Sarah and Beka all have light colored eyes, so for them the overcast skies are wonderful and mean less need for sunglasses year round. 

However, there is a down side to this normally cooler weather.  No central air conditioning in most of the homes.  This means one the days when summer does show up and it gets past 80 in Washington and in the Puget Sound, it isn't just hot, it's hot without air conditioning.  UGH!  Today is going to be one of those days.  And the worst part is I live near a pond, but it won't help at the highest temperatures of the day.  It just means the water will tease us, because it's too nasty to swim in - ducks, geese, frogs, fish - they all use the bathroom in that water and there are leeches.  I am not swimming in that, no matter how hot it gets.  Chris hates the idea of swimming in the ocean or sea because there are dead people in it, and sharks.  I have to admit, I'd really prefer to swim in a swimming pool myself - preferably and indoor one if possible so I'm not sweltering to death while in the water that is supposed to cool me down.

All of the heat aside, though there are things I do enjoy about summer weather.  Enjoy my top ten reasons to enjoy summer:

1.  You get to sleep in, at least you do if your kids aren't in year round schooling.

2. Ice cream - need I say more.

3.  Sandals and flip flops - I love sandals and flip flops and not needing socks to keep my feet warm. 
But I don't love them enough to really ever love summer.  I can tolerate it though - after all, it isn't as if I have a say in whether or not summer comes to the U.S, right?

4.  Sundresses - it was and always will be one of the reasons I will love summer.  I love seeing my girls in cute little sundresses having a good time.

5. Iced tea - I like my hot tea in the cooler weather, but I also love iced tea - especially when it's fresh from brewing.

6.  Picnics - especially when said picnics are the pre-show to some awesome 4th of July fireworks.

7.  Swimming - again I would rather it be indoor and air conditioned in the inside area, but at some point, swimming is swimming and helps keep you cooler than you'd be if you were not in water, right?  Right.

8.  Summer evenings spent with the girls playing until it gets dark.  I loved summer as a kid when we could play outside while Mom and Grandma Taylor would visit - we'd ride bikes and find things to keep us occupied while the weather was cooler.

9.  Camps - Family camp, kids camp - both were a part of my childhood.  For years we went to Anadarko, OK for Camp Meeting and children's camp.  It was fun, I got to see a lot of old and new faces and heard some great music (even if it was Southern Gospel music, I enjoyed it), heard some amazing sermons and got to spend long lazy summer evening eating sno cones and listening to Mom and her friends laugh and have a good time playing Skip-Bo or Uno while they caught up and talked about life.

10.  SNO CONES!!!!!!!!  If you haven't ever had the privilege of a sno cone, I am so sorry.  Granted you probably don't know what your missing, but childhood isn't really complete without trying a sno cone. 

Have a good weekend.
In Christ,

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lettersfromlaunna said...

Those are amazing reasons to love summer:)