Thursday, August 2, 2012


"One day my world came crashing down, I'll never be the same. They told me that my child was sick. ... I thought, "am I to blame"? I don't think I can handle this. I am really not that strong. It seemed my heart was breaking, I have loved her for so long. I will..."  - Unknown Author

Just reading those words, brings back a rush of the weeks and days leading up to Elizabeth's Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.  Although the author is talking about an ill child who is battling for life, it doesn't mean I don't get it any less.  The moment when all of your dreams of a perfect (remember it's a dream) child are shattered.  Suddenly what you thought you knew doesn't exist and you find yourself spiralling down into a new world an unknown world.

This is the world of parents whose children are diagnosed with illnesses or disabilities.  Facing a change in what you thought would be and facing what will be is always a challenge.  It is also heart breaking and sometimes rewarding.  It brings new opportunities to see God at work.  Children who defy odds (some don't, but some amaze even medical professionals), children who you used to dream one way and you find that your dreams aren't really gone, they just have to change and adapt.  Sadly, some do not make it, they go on and become angels in Heaven and leave behind brokenhearted families.

No matter what you face with your child - the journey leaves you changed.  Hopefully it leaves you more compassionate, more empathetic, more thoughtful of what you say to people or how you say it.  Hopefully, it doesn't leave you bitter, angry and unable to look to God for the strength he is willing to provide to you.  Alas, this happens sometimes and I'm sure it breaks God's heart as much as those who watch you unravel. 

Reading those words by an unknown author will not be every one's reality but it gives great insight into the heart and fight behind those parents who will go to battle for their children.  Maybe you are one - or maybe you have the privilege of knowing one.  Either way, you may find it changes your world forever too. 

Have a good week.
In Christ,

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