Saturday, July 14, 2012


When I was a little girl, my Grandma Taylor would come visit - and eventually for a few years she lived with us.  She came to America from England after World War II because she was married to Grandpa Taylor.  With her she brought a love of tea.

Growing up living with Grandma meant a lot of things, including learning to love a good cup of tea.  She started with more milk than tea and slowly changed the levels until it was more tea than milk.  She taught me to love a lot of things, but it's the love of tea I take with me everywhere.  But it wasn't until Chris was deployed in 2009 that I was faced with a different sort of tea.

Chris being in Iraq, meant he had a lot of jobs to accomplish.  He created and built a CST - it's like a base truck stop where the convoys were go and park, refill their gas tanks and human gas tanks, etc...  And often he would eat or drink with the nationals.  This included camel meat and other oddities but probably the most odd thing he told me about was fish tea.

Now I'm pretty game to try new foods.  I have eaten squid, octopus, sushi, different types of food, even from India, since my Aunt Chris and Uncle Frank and their family lived there as missionaries.  It's okay, as long as they go easy on the curry.  Spicy equals heartburn for me.  I don't mind trying new things - but I draw the line at fish tea. 

The tea snob or maybe it's my British ancestory refuses to embrace the idea of adding fish to my tea?!  Mint, Lemon, I'm even willing to retry Earl Grey (it's not my favorite as Lizzie would say), but fish?  I say nay, nay!  Call me a snob, call me whatever, just please do not put fish in my tea. 

I think my Grandma Taylor would be proud or maybe amused.

Have a good weekend.
In Christ,

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