Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear Washington

Dear Washington,

You are many things.  Beautiful, majestic with the Cascade Mountains, and amazing to drive through.   You are also incredibly sneaky.  Little did I realize that what started as a good idea - Take the girls to Jetty Island would turn into a drama fest in my household. 
I forgot that cooler temperatures does not mean you can go without sunblock when spending several hours on a beautiful fun filled (and seaweed filled - note the picture above).  But my girls had a blast, and I learned how to squelch my inner EW! so I could walk the vast expanse to check on the girls.  Thankfully the tide came in before we left so the expanse closed considerably.

You are very sneaky because just when I was wondering if I could enjoy living in your state, you draw me back into the joy and splendor of all you have to offer.   So while the girls are less than thrilled at their pink shoulders, and I would prefer to be minus an incredibly pink sunburned face, I admit it, you are a pretty cool state to live in and I look forward to finding out about your awesome hiking trails and teaching the girls about the joys of nature.  Now to find a few good books about nature, so I am at least somewhat knowledgeable.
An Almost Converted Former Kansan.

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