Monday, July 9, 2012

Changing Gears

When Elizabeth was small she had this thing she loved to do.  It made me crazy, to the point that the last time it happened I started crying.  When you have a child with special needs you face a lot of challenges.  Some kids with Autism struggle with Pica - the desire to eat anything and everything - including their own feces.    For us, this issue kind of went away once she understood it was disgusting and bad for her. 

Now as we are struggling with constipation I have to kind of shake my head at the reverse in circumstances.  Elizabeth was my fecal artist - yes, I said it.  My child liked to paint her room and crib with her own feces.  It was a huge problem for the longest time.  It got worse when Chris was deployed during 2004.  So when he came home in 2005 and we walked in once again to find that Elizabeth had painted her room and bed with her poop, I lost it.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  Chris hugged me and told me to go visit my mom and he would take care of it.  And he did.  I too had made Elizabeth help me clean up her masterpieces (they were more like the art that looks like children's finger paintings), but something about Daddy telling you it is gross and disgusting must have made it all click with her because after that day we haven't had a problem since - with Elizabeth that is.  Rebekah went through a short bout of it, but hers was more she didn't like being dirty and was trying to get the poop off of her bottom and it seemed only natural that she wipe her hands on the doors, walls, furniture. . . I think you get my point. 

So here I was with a child who couldn't leave her own poop alone and now that same child can't seem to go poop.  I might laugh if it weren't for the fact that she is miserable.  So Karo Syrup (all I have is light Karo) in water and reading to her.  Every time I turn a page we each take a drink of water.  Once she tires of this game we started having a Chug-a-lugging contest, but instead of chugging beer or alcoholic beverages we are chugging water and water with Karo syrup in it (not my water, only her water.  One bathroom, two people needing to go means one of us isn't going to make it in time).  Tomorrow, we will keep pushing Karo water and Karo syrup in her oatmeal. 

Also a few friends who struggled with this issue or who like to read a lot recommended the following:

1. Coffee - I don't really get this one, but hey if it works, it works.  Now to buy coffee since I am a tea drinker.

2.  Biscuits and gravy- but it has to be honest to goodness homemade gravy, not from a jar or packet gravy. 

3. Aloe Vera juice - apparently this tastes a little sweeter than grape juice.  My cousin Ken is not in medicine, but he is all about health, teaches combat training and studies a lot.

4. Grape juice

5. Apple Juice - this one I knew about.  Apples are high in fiber so when you hear that saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."  It is true, because it keeps your regular, but also fiber keeps cholesterol levels down as well.

I also read on a pediatric website that a diet high in fiber helps.  So Miss Lizzie will find herself eating a lot more veggies and a lot less hot dogs or chicken and french fries. 

I'll be honest, I don't know what triggered her constipation.  I know I feel horrible that she feels so badly.  She actually raided her own piggy bank and offered to walk to Safeway and buy her own apple juice so she could help herself because we are just that broke this pay period.  That was when I broke out the Karo syrup and figured no guts no glory.  I also never thought once the girls were potty trained that I would have to worry about their poop.  Just goes to show we all still have things to learn.

Have a good week.
In Christ,

I also forgot pear juice and movacol - those suggestions come from a mom with a son who has Biliary Atresia and has intestinal issues.  I am unsure if you can find movacol here in the States, but I will keep you posted.  Thanks Belinda!!

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Sarah said...

I sure hope she feels better very soon! We keep suppositories on hand for emergencies when nothing else works and James is frantic!