Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Steps Adding Up

A friend and I have started a daily Gratitude List and today I thought I would share my list with you all. 
1. That Lizzie has a WONDERFUL Pediatric Opthamologist, Dr. Tom Lenart who is just as proactive as I am in her treatement.  When we first started our journey with Amblyopia, I only knew one of my aunts and my sister had struggled with it.  So I had been keeping an eye out for it.  I thought I saw a drift in Lizzie's eye several times, but the eye corrected itself so quickly I decided I was seeing things. But after an eye test at her preschool, I knew it wasn't just me anymore. 
Our first opthamologist claimed he specialized in pediatrics, but you could have fooled me.  He was rude, abrupt and impatient with Elizabeth.  In his defense, she was very busy and had difficulty sitting still.  However, the last time we saw him, Chris was with me, and I was pregnant with Beka and he grabbed her face and talked to her like she was a bug.  Chris about came unhinged right then and there.  So we called our great pediatrician and she made a recommendation to Dr. Charles Whitfill.  He turned out to be just what the doctor ordered (literally).  So when we moved, I was thrilled he knew someone in Washington and hence we now have Dr. Lenart.  He is just as wonderful and patient with her as Dr. Whitfill was when we lived in Wichita.  He even offered some great ideas to use as incentives to keep Lizzie motivated to keep her eye patch on, so I'm tickled with this visit.

2.  Lizzie now has to patch for only 2 hours a day.  When we started, Lizzie had to wear her eye patch from the time she woke up in the morning until bedtime.  So that even though her alignment has improved drastically from her surgery, her vision still requires patching.  She gets to play a game on my phone, but not until she finishes patching first - it's a reward.  I predict the purchase of a Nintendo DS in our future with puzzle games and things to help improve her eye vision in the left eye.

3.  Last but not least, I am glad that as I get older I really do get a little wise.  I am far from having all of the answers in life, but somehow it doesn't bug me as much as it did when I was younger.   With that comes more patience as I wait on God's timing and not mine. 

Have a good rest of the week. 
In Christ,

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