Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Wall

So one of the things that is so frustrating about home schooling (and there are not many frustrations really) is that sometimes we hit a wall.  I don't mean an actual physical wall, I mean an educational wall.  And usually the one who hits it first is Elizabeth.

Even when she was young, Lizzie was not always a huge fan of school.  She can only take learning for so long, then she hits a wall and starts to shut down.  Before Strattera, she would hit the wall much faster than now.  So our typical day goes like this. . . smooth, smooth, smooth - WALL!!  So then we take a small break for her to chill out and come back and go at it again. 

Why is this so frustrating?  Because Beka seemingly never hits a wall.  She could spend all day working and learning and tackling new educational tasks.  So I have one child who is always gungho and up for anything, then I have another child who requires coaxing, TV privileges removed and who often ends up crying or glaring at me at some point and she hasn't even hit adolescence yet!  I can only imagine when she is a teenager. 

Part of our problem is the curriculum.  I didn't get the best Science curriculum - something I will be working to remedy over the summer.  It helps that I have friends who are educators in public AND private schools, so I can ask them plenty of questions and get ideas about better curriculum and teaching methods.   That helps me out a lot.   Another problem we are facing is the fact that we do not have a spare room.  An apartment that is only 920 square feet with three bedrooms, doesn't make for a lot of space when it is time for school.  It means a lot of putting up and tearing down, which is problematic and it means my freezer is often a catch all. I considered having Lizzie and Beka move into Sarah's old room and turning their bedroom into a playroom and classroom combo, but the truth is, Lizzie is at that age where she needs her privacy and I need them to stop encouraging each other to remain awake way past their bedtime.  

All of this means we absolutely must move come April 2013.  It's just a must, we need the room, we need more than one bathroom and I need the girls to have a small quiet street so they can ride their bicycles and we can go on walks.  I don't mind a condo or a townhouse, as long as there is an extra room that I can turn into a schoolroom with tables and chairs and a desk for myself.  We'll have to wait and see and pray about it, and ask God to lead us to  house with more space that is conducive to home schooling.

Have a good rest of the week.
In Christ,

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