Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It is June and has been over two weeks since Elizabeth's surgery.  We are going on week three and I can see the difference even now.  Her eye no longer drifts towards the outside.    She did a good job, especially if you consider that sitting still is not easy for her, without her medication. 
Beka and Mary Saturday morning at IHop before we hit the road to go home.
 Last week saw us packing up Sarah and all of her gear and heading to Nampa, ID so Sarah can move in with Grandma Mary.  Excited does not adequately describe how happy Sarah was to be heading that direction - I'm sure that her boyfriend living in Idaho had a good deal to do with her excitement. 

I was also excited, I got to eat Sonic. Since moving to Everett, I have to travel to taste Sonic.  I discovered something important.  I miss Sonic's drinks, but not so much their food.  It isn't that it is bad food, but it just doesn't sit so well on my stomach anymore.  This is a problem I am finding with a lot of foods since my gastric bypass.  Chicken tends to be the worst one.    But I managed and we arrived in Idaho safe and sound.   We had a good time, we spent Friday there and roasted hot dogs and made smores over the fire pit that Mary has in her back yard.  I look forward to purchasing a table and fire pit so we can do this with the girls next Summer. 

Saturday was a long and eventful day.We could have stayed longer, but after years of annual trainings, weekends away for training and two deployments I don't like to be away from Chris for a long period of time. So we hit the road home so we could spend Father's Day with Chris.  We discovered Abby's Legendary Pizza in Prosser, WA and we had the van overheat. It was my fault, it was running a little warmer than I would have liked, so we stopped to rest for a bit, get some ants out of little girl pants and I didn't re tighten the radiator cap as tight as I should have.  So it found us on the I-82 stuck on the side of the road as I waited for it to cool down, and fiddling around when I discovered the loose radiator cap, tightened it up until it couldn't be tightened anymore and adding antifreeze and water to the cooling container on the van.   It worked, I also turned off the air conditioner.   The trip was nice, both ways, we even got to see Deadman's Pass in Oregon - which was pretty neat. 

Lizzie and Beka at Deadman's Pass.
After a quiet Father's Day at home with Chris, we are doing school and looking forward to the next few weeks.  The house is quiet without Sarah here, the girls fight a little bit, but not a lot.   I think Beka enjoys having her room to herself, but I know the moment when the girls realize Sarah isn't coming back - this isn't a visit with her Mom or a few weeks away and they have the house with just the four of us will finally sink in and I'll hear a lot of "I miss Sarah."  We already have had to call her this week so Beka could hear her voice.  Beka is the one who will miss Sarah the most, they were buddies.  Lizzie will miss her too, but they are really two first born girls living under one roof which leads to a lot of conflict.  Time will tell.

Lizzie and Grandma Mary at IHop. 

I hope you all have a good week. 
In Christ,

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lettersfromlaunna said...

I am happy to hear that Elizabeth is doing well after the surgery :)