Friday, June 22, 2012

Shame (Said Tongue in Cheek)

I had a brilliant plan for Friday night.  We did some school, we worked a while, even walked laps at the mall - followed quickly by playtime at the play area.  My plan was to make hot dogs, mac-n-cheese and introduce my girls to Star Wars.

As a girl I had grown up watching Star Wars and LOVED them.  I was so excited when they came out with movies 1-3.  My hope was that the girls would love the movies as much as I had.  So I mistakenly took a nap, got up later than I planned and cooked dinner.  I had invited Sam, a friend of the girls to come and watch the movie with us.  Maybe that is where I went wrong - she had already seen it.  The girls did fine until the soda, pop corn and goodies were gone. 

Suddenly I found myself watching Star Wars alone.  Not unhappily mind you but I had to have a little fun.  What on Earth is wrong with my girls?!  Chris and I both enjoy good science fiction, and here our daughters couldn't even watch Star Wars?!  NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Where is Star Trek's Dr. Crusher or Sanctuary's Dr. Magnus when you need them.  I hung my head in mock shame.  I have failed as a science fiction parent?  What's next?  They don't want to attend Comic Con?  The shame, the horror?  Quel Nightmare!!! 

Then I remembered them sitting enraptured as we watched Stargate, some Sanctuary episodes (some of them are too scary for hyperimaginitive girls) and how they enjoy Farscape with Chris and I.  So maybe all hope isn't gone.  After all, they loved watching Thor and Iron Man 2 with me. . . Superman is a favorite in my house.  So maybe hope is not lost, maybe, just maybe there is hope for the girls.

But can someone please call Dr. Magnus and tell her we may need her assistance soon?  She may need to run a brain scan for a tumor or something.

Have a good weekend.
In Christ,

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lettersfromlaunna said...

I love the Star Wars series, I am hoping my youngest will love them too:)