Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eye Surgery Pre and Post Op

Moving is always difficult.  But when you have a child who has medical issues it can seem daunting, almost impossible at times.  That was how I felt to an extent when we realized we were moving from Wichita, Kansas to Everett, Washington.  Thankfully, our pediatiric opthamologist knew someone in the area we were moving too.  And Dr. Whitfill was right, Dr. Lenart is a lot like him, and he has an excellent manner when it comes to dealing with Elizabeth.  
Well S- Day came sooner than we thought it would.  Chris was awesome and tooks some vacation time so he could spend this past Wednesday until this coming Monday at home with us, helping me and Elizabeth.  He is a very sweet and wonderful man like that.  Plus he is all about making sure his girls knows he is there for them when the going gets tough.  So the above picture is Chris and Elizabeth in the waiting room while we waited for them to take Elizabeth back to get ready for surgery.

Here is Elizabeth back in the pre-operation waiting area in her scrubs.  She liked that they let her pick out the flavor she could smell in the gas mask. The anesthiologist, Dr. Rody made sure he said hi and explained everything to us. Elizabeth told us later he sat next to her and told her a story about the Princess and the Frog. So he won huge brownie points in her book and frankly, mine as well.
   Dr. Lenart is our pediatric opthamologist.  If you have a child and have some challenges, I highly recommend him.  He is firm but patient with the both of my girls and he can get Elizabeth to focus for him.  That alone is high praise indeed.  I am very glad that Dr. Whitfill recommended him, he said, if we liked his style, we'd like Dr. Lenart as well.  He was right, we do like him a lot.

Ironically, we spent more time waiting to go into surgery and for Lizzie to be up to going home than the actual surgery took. I had enough time to grab Chris and I breakfast and we ate, no sooner had we finished but the doctor came out and told us it went well and he didn't have to go into the right eye and under correct it (it was an option if he wasn't able to work on the left eye), which was good, because one eye hurting is bad enough, but could you imagine if both of your eyes hurt? We talked for a few minutes and then it was time to go back to see Elizabeth. They told us she was waking up, but we weren't quite prepared to find our little girl crying.

They were very quick and prompt there, so I would definitely recommend Overlake Hospital - they got her a cool rag to help her eye not hurt and Chris and I worked on soothing her until she could talk to me about what was going on. Her eye hurt pretty badly, so her nurse immediately got her some pain medication and gave her a half dose. Anesthia apparently makes people pretty loopy.  One patient tried jumping out of his bed, which sent a bunch of people running - Lizzie just cried.   Which I guess is a lot better than if she tried to jump up and around.  After the pain meds kicked in a bit, she told me she looked hideous and didn't want Sarah to see her.  I was a mildly amused- she didn't care if Beka saw her, but she didn't want Sarah to see her?  I'm not sure what that was about.  But after a while she felt well enough she wanted to put on her clothing. 

Jammies make everything feel better.  After an uneventful drive home (Thank you, Lord!  I wasn't up for puking), in which Lizzie began singing to herself - a sure sign she was feeling better, Lizzie got home and got into her jammies. She didn't want to go anywhere or eat anything.  So we both snuggled down and I fell asleep while she watched a video with Beka in our bedroom.  After a while she regained her appetite a bit, but we made her wait a while before eating solid foods.  I didn't want her getting really sick and accidentally undoing her stitches. 

Today is Saturday and she is feeling a lot better as you can see from this picture.  Her eye still stings, I called Dr. Lenart and if it still stings on Monday he is going to take a look at it and see what he can do.  But she is recovering nicely - no infection, not pus, nothing that sends alarm bells.  :D The real test will be in the weeks to come.

I hope you all have a good weekend.
In Christ,


lettersfromlaunna said...

I will pray for your little girl that the pain will go away in her eye. I am glad the operation was quick and only on one eye.

3Monkeysmom said...

Thank you. We were happy too, and Dr. Lenart is a good doctor, so I'm sure he'll do his best to alleviate her discomfort.