Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Irreversible Choices

Today I decided to check out Mukliteo schools.  They are number for in the state for education and we are contemplating the area because it is extremely close to Chris' job and we hope to move next Spring.  And I found some good things and some not so good things out.

I found out that thankfully my experience and perceptions of Washington school should absolutely not be based on our experience at Madison Elementary.  As soon as I arrived in the office the staff was eager to engage and tell me about their schools.  Their dean of students (also known as a Vice Principal) also seemed very engaged and seemed eager to answer my questions. No one batted one eye when I talked about dropping in to do spot inspections - this is a very good thing.

I also found out that while putting Beka in public school may be something I consider, Elizabeth's day in public school ended with my decision to not return her to Madison.  She thrives better at home, and her meltdowns which had returned with great vim and vigor have since subsided.  If we move into Mukliteo they will insist she will go to middle school. That is absolutely not an option. I remember my middle school days and while I sincerely hope that Mukliteo is different, I'd prefer to not take my chances on whether or not her fellow students would leave her a broken shell of the amazing girl I have in my house. 

This brings me to the other thing I realized.  While I may get discourage, it is amazing when I showed Lizzie how little progress we had made and told her if we don't start working hard that she is looking at still being in fourth grade next year how quickly she became more motivated to do school work. So her books are on the table for tomorrow and we even squeezed in a math lesson tonight.

I am glad that my first impression of the schools here was not applicable to all of the schools, but the truth is, Beka is already learning to read.  She should be ready to begin First Grade next year. This is pretty amazing considering that I started this year working with her on Preschool.  By Christmas she was ready for Kindergarten.  So here is a new challenge.  I have one child roaring and ready to go and another child who struggles through school.   My prayer is that Beka keeps excelling -although at the rate she is going, she might be caught up with Elizabeth in a couple of years. . . maybe. We'll see as the work gets harder.

Oh I also discovered that all of the apartments near Boeing decided they weren't charging enough for rent.  I dropped in at Bay Court apartments and for $1500 a month I can rent an apartment with 1230 square feet?   Call me crazy but that is a little nuts. At least I think so.  So I did some driving around and Lynnwood is actually closer than I realized to Boeing so it's definitely an option since me not home schooling is not an option.

I also spent time today thinking about my options. Switch on Schoolhouse might be a good option for Rebekah in a few years, it will not be a good one for Elizabeth though.  They are sticklers on spelling and sometimes a little too nitpicky about things and it would frustrate Elizabeth.  Besides I think this hodge podge of curriculum works better. There are several other things Chris and I have been talking about lately too, but those I'll save for another blog. I will continue writing until Thursday when Lizzie has her eye surgery - then it will be a few days and possibly a few weeks before I even contemplate writing a new blog post. Elizabeth doesn't handle pain well, so I predict a lot of whining and fussy Lizzie's issues for the first week. 

Have a good week.
In Christ,

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