Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Importance of Laughter

  We've all read the newspaper articles or watched the new stories where someone has finally had enough and walked into a store, post office, office building or school and just opened fire with a shot gun.  There are interviews with neighbors, co-workers, and we hear things like, "He was always an odd duck." "He never smiled or laughed, he was so serious."   Granted hindsight is 20/20, but those are still very telling signs.   When I was taking one of my psychology classes we had a project we worked on where they gave us a description about a man who had opened fire on his place of employment and all of the things I shared with you were on it (more or less, it was several years ago, give me a break) and we were supposed to give our input on it.  I remember writing the observation that it was interesting that he never seemed to smile or laugh and asking if their was a correlation between the two.  My professor responded on my paper when he returned it that yes, scientists believe there is a correlation between people's ability to find humor in life or lack thereof and going "postal" if you will.  Suddenly some pieces began to fall into place for me.

My childhood was not horrid, it wasn't easy but it wasn't horrid.  I wasn't abused or betrayed by my parents.  My mom got out while the getting was good when she realized how badly things were with my step dad, yes, people in school teased and made fun of me - newsflash they make fun of everyone, especially if you are different (even different in a good way), I had no dad.  My dad died, which while not ideal is not the same as your dad walking away from you and your family or worse sticking around but having no desire to have a relationship with you.    But through it all we began to find the humor in the little things. 

When the house burned down, we found the humor in the fact that absolutely none of our furniture matched whatsoever.  We made it work.  When the car accident happened, we found the humor in the little things.  When the doctors told us that the reason Matthew was still alive was because of how think his skull was, my cousin and I looked at each other and said, "We've been saying it for years, but now it's been medically proven!"  and began to laugh.  It is in those small moments of laughter that you learn that life will continue on and that through laughter you keep living and also release stress. 

Being able to find the laughter in the small things has kept me sane for a long time.  I remember when Elizabeth was first in Kindergarten I went to pick her up one afternoon and Mrs. Silveous had her grab her stuff but before we left she called her over.

"Now Miss Monkey.  Do we climb on the bathroom stall doors?"  Of course, Elizabeth answered no.  I quickly turned away so she wouldn't see me laughing.  And Mrs. Silveous explained.  They took a bathroom break and apparently Elizabeth became bored so somehow (I still haven't figured it out), she managed to get from the toilet to the bathroom stall door and began swinging.  I can imagine Mrs. Silveous' surprise when the kids ran out of the bathroom and told her what was happening.  Chris and I had a very chuckle over that one. 

Or being able to laugh at the fact that in the rush of getting to the house on Tuesday morning while moving, I had dressed in the dark (it was 5 a.m.  after all), I called my girlfriend and talked to her about how the move was going when I looked down and realized.  My pants are on inside out!  I shared this and we had a very good laugh at how silly I must have looked walking around with my pants on inside out.  Obviously after this I hid somewhere and fixed the issue, but not before wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes. 

There are always going to be challenges in life.  I will never say there are not, but thank God for the moments of laughter in the midst of life's storms.  Have a good weekend.  We are having a movie marathon, pajama day at our house.  Tomorrow - more home school! :D

In Christ,

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lettersfromlaunna said...

I enjoyed your blog and I totally agree, we all need to find the laughter even when life is difficult. There is always something good, thanks for the laugh :)