Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'd Like an Explanation

My beautiful daughter, Sarah has her first potential long term boyfriend.  And this has opened up a few can of worms.  Well the first can of worms, I won't open here on my blog.  The second can of worms, her friends who she thought were her friends have not been happy for her.  With the exception of her mom, Chris and I, and Tony's Aunt Heather Morgan, each of her friends has not been happy or supportive of her or her relationship and this young man is a good young man.  We wouldn't have given our blessing if he were a jerk or a guy from a hugely dysfunctional family with a dad in prison (yes, I went there), but he isn't.  He's polite, respectful and very protective of Sarah.  Let me put it this way, we trusted him enough to allow her to go to the Seattle Seahawk Draft Pick Party (hence the above photo) and trusted he would make sure he brought her home in same condition with which we sent her off to spend the day with him.   The final can of worms?  About the time she met Tony and they began liking each other, several of her guy friends "realized" they liked her too.

So here are my questions?  Why can't friends be happy for you?  What happened to being a good friend and realizing it isn't about you, and that if you are really a good friend you will put your own petty jealously aside and be happy for your friend.  But that doesn't seem to be the case. 
My other question is why is guys don't want you until you are in like with another guy OR you are in a relationship with someone else?  I don't understand that one at all.  Maybe I am oblivious or maybe I have just always been an odd duck. 

If anyone has an an answer I would love to hear it.  I would love an explanation. . .

Have a good week.
In Christ,

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lettersfromlaunna said...

Maureen, I don't have an answer either... it totally perplexes me why 'friends' are not happy for you when life is going really well, I really think that it is their way of dealing with lack of love in their own lives. This is sad because all they have to do is be happy for us and then they would be able to see the blessings in their own lives.

Also, that is the age old question about boys being interested in you when you are in a relationship... too funny... I say they are too late then.

By the way, she is beautiful:)