Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah,

Today you completed high school and we are all so proud of you.  I know that you have worked hard to prepare for this next phase in life and I know that you are going to do so well. 

It seems as if it were only yesterday you were walking up the steps of our old gray house with your cute little bob haircut and announcing, "Hi, I'm Sarah!"  I had heard so many good things about you, but nothing could prepare me for how amazing and loving you were.  I am so blessed to have had the privilege to be your bonus mom and to love you and watch you grow into such an astounding woman. 

So now you face college.  Yes, I know you are roaring and revving to move to Idaho, but I want you to know, we will miss you.  Even Dad who tries to pretend he is fine with it, will find it much more difficult without you here to joke around with him and watch some interesting choices in movies.   So here are the few things I learned when I went off to college.

1. Prank callers, always call right before you are about to fall asleep.  Every time, blast it!  Sometimes they pretend to be someone who they think you don't know and you get the joy of surprising them because you do in fact, know the person they are claiming to be.  Or they call and ask you what kind of condoms you prefer.

2. Living with a roommate can be a blessing AND a curse.   A lot will depend on the type of personalities you have.

3.  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing - including time with friends.  I learned this one the hard way.  Now I would definitely create a little more distance between us and spend a little less time with friends and more time studying.

4.  Unless you work in the student cafeteria, be sure you'll miss a few meals because of work schedule conflicts.  If you are fortunate, you realize that you can grab your lunch to go and still use your meal plan.

5.  Pizza at midnight and a coke with a friend - there really isn't anything better than spending a night like that.

6.  Your friends will always, always want to talk to you at midnight or some ungodly hour of the day.  Learn to say, "Not now, I'm sleeping."

7.  Naps are your friend.  Live it, learn it, and love it.  It will help you out tremendously when you get to college and help you make it through those late nights you'll have to pull working on homework.

8.  It is tempting to procrastinate.   Resist the urge, heck fight it with all of your might.  It's never fun to be up until 5 a.m. working on a paper because you waited until the last moment before turning it in.

9.  If you procrastinate - remember rules 7 & 8 often go together.  :D

10.  Yes, you like your boyfriend and want to spend time with him, but your education is much more important.  Leave time with the boyfriend until the weekend of one night a week for date night.

11. Date in groups.  Not always fun, I know but it will save you having to ask God's forgiveness for something else later.  Front porches at Grandma's house are great places to have talks, and it means you are less likely to do something you wouldn't want Grandma to see, but also gives you privacy.

12.  Making out in the car sounds fun, but it's not and all it manages to do is fog up the windows and leave you with a crick in your neck or back the next day.  Wait until you are married and can make out on a comfy bed, it's so much easier and it saves you a co-pay to the chiropractor. 

13. Most student cafeterias offer healthier choices, look around and see if you can find them, your waistline and your stomach will thank you later. 

14.  Don't go walking at night alone on campus unless you are in a group.  Even in a small town, it's too easy to become lulled into a sense of safety.  While we'd like to believe all human beings are good inherently, the sad truth is there are some people who are not good or kind, and hurt people to make themselves feel better.  Be smart, be safe and think groups for outdoor exercise.  Plus you get the joy of taking a study break and having a good chat with some girlfriends. 

15. Call your parents at least once a month or so.  They like knowing you are alive and doing fine. 

16. Do yourself a favor, cut your phone and text time down during the semester.  Most of your friends should understand, the ones who don't get that you want to do well aren't really your friends in the first place because a real friend wants what is best for you.

17.  A letter or well timed e-mail usually results in cash being sent.  Or sometimes parents just send money because they want you to have a little fun money.  We were young once too. 

18.  Friends may come and go, but your family is always there and you will always be related to them, even if you try not to rely on them too much - they are the people who catch you when you fall and give you a soft place to land. 

I love you Sarah and I am so insanely proud of you. 

Love Always,


Sarah said...

:) That is so sweet, maureen. Thank you, this means a lot to me. I am blessed to have a bonus-mom like you. You are caring and give very good advice (even if it DOES drive me nuts from time to time. ;) ). Thank you for all that you have done. I love you very much, Maureen.

lettersfromlaunna said...

This is so beautiful, so well written and so full of love:)

Sarah said...

Can't believe I will be writing a letter like this in 2 years when my daughter goes off to college. Thanks for sharing this!

3Monkeysmom said...

Sarah, I am glad you liked the letter. If you want we can print it off later.
Other Sarah, They grow up so fast don't they? Sometimes it seems so impossible that she is growing up so fast, I struggle to remember she is a young woman and not my little girl anymore.