Saturday, April 14, 2012

Small Rant

To the girl in our complex who keeps trying to talk Elizabeth into playing when she's clearly said she is done:

I realize that you too have special needs, but it's time to have a little sit down.  First, Elizabeth loves playing with you but when she is done, she is done.  The fact that she came inside does not mean she doesn't like you, it means she realizes she's overwhelmed and is tired and needs a break. It usually also means she is cold, or hot, or just needs a little peace and quiet. 
Second, if she comes inside it does not mean you should proceed to bully her into coming outside.  No means no, so learn to be respectful of people's choices.  You don't have to like it, you just need to deal. 
Third, Just because you left doesn't mean her world has stopped turning.  The world does keep spinning even if you are not in it.  It's time to realize that and let it go already. 
Finally, Bashing my daughter is not cool.  But doing so when you are just outside my home AND my bedroom window is open is stupidity itself.  It will get you a talking too.  We don't bash you, even though you have issues.  I don't allow the girls to talk badly about you and I have even made Rebekah apologize for saying something that isn't nice to you.  Learn the lesson yourself or you will most likely be on the receiving end of a "Come to Jesus" talk from me.  Really, it's not cool.

You are not a bad kid, but like all children sometimes you make poor choices, it is all a part of the growing up process.  But being bossy and always having to be in charge is not going to win you friends in the long run.  It will however, alienate you from the other children.  And insisting you get your own way doesn't make you awesome, it makes you annoying and a bully.  None of us get what we want all of the time.  If we did, everyone would win the lottery at some point in their life or transplant patients would all receive their gift of life. 

We still like you, but I really, really, really need you to learn boundaries and learn to back off.

An Annoyed, but Loving Mom.

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lettersfromlaunna said...

It feels good to get a little rant out:) Then we can move on. I have a friend that is being judged for what someone else has done. I blogged a rant about judging other people, I felt much better.

I enjoy reading your blog:)