Thursday, April 19, 2012

Remembering April 19, 1995

April 19, 1994 - Where were you?  Those of us who grew up in Oklahoma during that time will never forget the bombing of the Murrow Federal Building - the pictures that followed afterwards, or the horror when we realized it was an American who created such havoc and destruction. 

I lived in Yukon, OK at the time and was attending college at El Reno Community College  at the time.  This was before cell phones (unless you were wealthy), so people with loved ones out of state had to wait until they could get through the phone system to let them know they were alive and okay. The nursing home where I worked went into help mode, I worked some long hours along side fellow co-workers making sure we were prepared if they needed to bring anyone here.  It turned out to be unnecessary. 

The pictures, video, and interviews that followed haunted us all.  In truth, even today I have yet to visit the Memorial Site.  I only see the Survivor's Tree in pictures.  I don't need to visit a memorial to remember, I remember vividly the fireman who brought Bailey to her momma, dead and broken by the work of Timothy McVeigh's and Terry Nichol's hands. 

I'm not sure which shocked us all more - that it happened in Oklahoma City or the fact that it was not the work of rogue terrorists from another country, it was done by own fellow Americans?  Where were you?  Did it bother you?  Did you too watch in horror as images played repeatedly over the news stations.  Did you have to turn off the TV and walk away?  Did it haunt you?   Or did you push it aside and try not to remember?

I hope you all have a good week and God Bless.
In Christ,

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lettersfromlaunna said...

I was home in Halifax when the news broke, I'll never forget that day and many of the stories that came from that destruction:)