Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Organized

I think I finally figured it out. . . the reason why the Duggar family has such a huge house.  Aside from the fact that they have their own football team in children, they have a house that large so they can have plenty of space for their books, computers and home schooling supplies.

At this point I need a Duggar sized house to fit most of my supplies.  But since that's not in the cards for some time, it means I have to make due with 920 square feet of an apartment.  Thank goodness we have closets in our apartment unlike our former home.  Or I would be in some serious trouble. 

Today I was struck with inspiration. . .  DUH! We have a computer why not scan (oh yes, I finally figured out how to work the scanner.  Is it sad that my 17 year old is better on the computer than I am or that my 64 year old mother is better on the computer than I?) the workbooks and those items I am able to scan into the computer.  Our next step is to purchase an external hard drive system for school folders only.  It will hold nothing but school work, grades, worksheets, etc. . .  I have high hopes that this will enlarge what I can do with the girls.

On an even more thrilling note (thrilling to me anyway) Alpha Omega Publications will be in Puyallup, WA June 15-16th for a Home School Convention!  While this may not seem exciting to many of you, I am tickled pink. I loved learning in middle school, high school and college so the idea of finding more materials in which I can help the girls enjoy learning Science, Math, English, History, the Bible and more is thrilling to me.  I discovered this lovely little nugget when perusing my catalog that arrived in the mail this week.  They also have a convention in Portland, OR so if I have to miss the one in Washington I am able to travel a mere 3 hours away from home AND I would get to meet fellow homeschooling Mom Judy Crawford while that way if we were able to work it all out. 

The neat thing about home schooling is that because of Elizabeth's delays I can move as quickly or as slowly as I need to in order to meet her needs.  There are some things she excels in, but at the same time, it often requires more effort on her part to grasp even the smallest concepts.  Working on addition facts is become quite frustrating for her.  Thankfully, Saxon Math seems to gear their ideas more towards making Math more practical and simplifying it.  We are working on the concept of Doubles Plus One.  For example: 4+4=8 so 5+4=9. The reasoning is since 4+4 does equal 8 then you just add 1 and viola!  You've discovered the answer for 5+4/4+5, however you need to view it.  I also like that their math facts cards involve subtraction on the back. 

Science and Math aside though, I love that twice a day we have reading time.  We are working our way through Charlotte's Web and then during our second reading time - usually bedtime we are reading Bunnicula!  It's fun to watch Beka and Lizzie both get involved in the story.  AND Elizabeth is working her way through Judy Moody: Girl Detective.  It's been fun and interesting to watch her as she starts reading on her own.

I hope you all have a good week.  I promise I'll try to do better about writing daily.
In Christ,

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