Friday, February 10, 2012

Emigrants and Immigrants

We are studying Emigrants and Immigrants right now in History with Elizabeth and she's been learning a lot.  For example I didn't know myself that before a person arrived in America they were an emigrant and not an immigrant. 

What is the difference?  Well an emigrant  is exiting their country to go to another country to live while an immigrant is a person who has entered or arrived in a new country after leaving behind their home in another country.  It's been interesting to learn the different reasons people came to America in the beginning and to learn about the type of person it took to survive. 

For example most of the first group of settlers in Jamestown didn't make it and the first winter in Plymouth was so difficult that most people didn't survive.   It took a very tough and adventurous person to move to our country in the beginning and for those who chose to move out West when we began expanding our country. 

The thing is that for years people have been coming to America - since it first began.  We came for the freedom to worship as we believe and the freedom to have our own ideas about politics and the ability to make a new life for ourselves.  That hasn't changed since our country first started to now.  Even now we have people who come to America (some legally and some not so legally) to make a better life for themselves.   We are a country made from many different countries and we have fought hard and long to gain and retain that freedom. 

My Grandma Taylor was an immigrant. She moved here after World War II because she met and married my Grandpa Taylor.  I don't know that she came so much for a better life as she came for the man she loved - he was the love of her life even after their marriage dissolved.   She was smart, tough, and an amazingly hard worker.   She could sew amazingly beautiful clothing out of cloth that others saw and didn't think it would be pretty - she saw the beauty that could be fulfilled.  My Aunt Nina inherited that same gift from her and it's an amazing gift to have.     Grandma taught me a lot of things - including that I CANNOT GROW PLANTS.  She tried though to help me grow things - she came over once a week one summer and we worked on a flower bed, sadly the flowers never produced anything because I just do not have a gift for growing things.  I get too sidetracked, but we tried.  Grandma could grow almost anything I think, her garden was amazing and wonderful and we loved playing in it.  She even let a little turtle live there and named him Teddy the Turtle I believe.   

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