Thursday, February 2, 2012

Decisions Made

Moving?! The idea drives terror into my heart.  We've gotten settled finally and things are finally leveling out.  While our apartment is small at only 920 square feet and one bathroom, what it lacks in space it makes up in closets.    We have an amazing view of a gorgeous pond and the girls get to feed ducks and geese when they want to.  Okay so I have to brave snow and ice sometimes to do my laundry, it's inconvenient, but not the end of the world.

Our lease is coming to its end in April and after really thinking about it and praying about it, we have made a choice about whether to move or whether to find something different.  It's not an easy choice to make.  It would be nice to have more living space.  It would be nice to have a washer and dryer, or the idea of being able to not fight with someone to use the bathroom would also be nice.  I've been looking around.  We know that between the $950 we pay for rent and our extra parking space, the $150 for a storage unit, and the $120 we use for laundry each month we can swing $1250 to $1400 a month at the most.

Here's the problem with that.  Most decent places to live that are in that price range are too far from work.  So $1400 a month in rent here would mean tons of overtime for Chris.  We'd never see him, he would get up, eat lunch, go to work and stay until well after we were all in bed asleep.  It would mean Chris working every weekend, never spending time with us.  And as he's gotten older he's realized that isn't important, it's more important that he have a good relationship with our girls.  

I've written before about our choice to be good stewards with our money and how we felt the Lord lay it on our hearts that we not spend more than Chris brings home.  Being the primary parent at home, isn't easy and it's not always easy to not have the money we want to have to spend like we'd like, but it is more important to us to live within and a little beneath our means than that we have a huge house and tons of stuff we don't use.   Plus by remaining here it means we have more time after taking care of some legal stuff to build up our credit again.  It gives us rental history and the truth is, Elizabeth is finally leveling out.  She and Beka are making friends, they are having a good time, and learning to play with other children in a productive and positive way.

So here we are and our decision is made - we are going to renew our 1 year lease in April.  It wasn't easy to decide upon, but it gives Chris time to keep moving up the ladder, it also means we are living within means as opposed to living outside of them.  Staying also means we can have a nice family vacation with the girls in April.  That's important to us.  Especially since 2010 and 2011 were so rocky for all of us.  It's important to do something fun with all three girls before Sarah begins college and by not moving, we can increase the amount we wish to spend on our used vehicle we need to purchase to replace the Acclaim.  It also means we can have a good time with less stress at Disneyland in the Spring.

I hope you all have a good week.

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