Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Hulu

Dear Hulu,

Imagine my surprise today when I discovered I needed to pay you an additional $7.99 because it never occurred to you to apply part of the 1 year subscriptions I purchased onto my account and to cover the month you say I owed to you.   

While this alone is mildly irritating, I was already ticked off by the time I spoke to your very polite customer service representative because  it took me almost an hour to find your 1-800 number.  Might I suggest something to you? 

MAKE YOUR 1-800 NUMBER EASIER TO FIND!!!  You are not NASA, the FBI, or the CIA - and they are easier to reach than you are, at this point it seems like reaching a direct line to God for a face to face is easier than attempting to contact a real live human being. 

While I realize that you might prefer to keep it impersonal and nameless, some people still prefer to speak to a person, a real live human voice and not correspond with you via e-mail or some impersonal "contact us e-mail".  Especially since it is far to convenient for you to "lose" me in the system AND still keep the money I paid you for my gift subscription. 

Out of curiosity, have you contemplated looking at Netflix and how they have their site set up.  Finding their 1-800 number is far easier than finding yours.  You should have it plastered in multiple convenient locations as opposed to finding it in only ONE location that is pretty obscure and tough to find.  That is unless you are trying to hide from disgruntled customer?   If that's the case, you should probably not have an online site that helps people stream movies and TV shows to their TV's through Roku, BlueRay, etc. . . 

A Very Disgruntled and Annoyed Customer!!

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