Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dear Anonymous

To the Anonymous Donor,

I wanted to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart.   We weren't drowning, but it was definitely tight on gas for the van this pay period.  I was praying this morning and asking God to help us out, because it was either the ten stretch further or we needed our own personal Hanukkah miracle.   And how fortuitous that God should act shortly after our Sunday School lesson about how the church shortly after Jesus left took care of the poor and needy and those in the body in need.  We even talked about how our way of thinking is often the biggest obstacle.  I wasn't trying to be prideful by not asking for help because I knew God would provide for our family.   He has been faithful to our family for years so it only made sense he would take care of us this time.  
But today was truly a blessing, I'm sorry if I didn't show a ton of reaction, I'm kind of a Delayed - Reaction Girl.  I have been  for a long time.  Especially if it's a little crazy and it was definitely crazy today.   But I did want to say thank you very much for your help.  It means a lot and helped me fill the tank and get some necessary food to help us through until Wednesday when we get paid.

Love in Christ,

Money has been tight this pay period.  It usually is when we have Army Reserve weekend AND rent in the same period of time.   This pay period is no exception.  In fact, until late this morning we were close to the big fat E where your "Low Fuel" light comes on.  As I was driving to church this morning I was praying and asking him to either miraculously put money in our account or give us our own personal Hanukkah miracle.  After a Sunday School class talking about admitting when you need help.  Interestingly enough it didn't occur to me to tell them we could use some help.  I figured I had given it to God, and that was enough. 

Here is the thing, growing up Faith paid the bills, sometimes put food on the table and bought eye glasses or took us to the eye doctor.   More than a few times my mom would be praying and God would answer her prayers, sometimes in obvious ways and sometimes in not so obvious ways.  I have grown up trusting that God would provide for our needs and that even if it came from an unusual source, He would always find a way or provide an answer.

Back to my story though, after Sunday School Pastor Mike came to me with an envelope and explained that the Lord had laid us on a family in our churches heart and they wished to remain unknown.  He handed me a card and I knew instantly that I would be able to put gas in the van before heading home, no more worrying about how far $10 in a gas tank was going to get us.   But I wasn't expecting to find $100 gift card to Safeway or an affiliated store inside.  It put gas in the minivan and got the girls some fun food for this evening and some pop for a few days and the ability for me to spoil Chris a little bit tonight with some guacamole and chips - because he's been working really hard.   It also got us a few things to tide us over until Wednesday when we get paid.    It's these moments when I am reassured and these moments when I can share our miracles that I can share that God does exist.  God is real, not because of this one thing, but because of my life.  He has been with me, taking care of me and my family and our lives (even when the bad things happen), guiding me and showing me His will throughout my life and I wouldn't change that for anything. 

Have a good week.

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