Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Hulu

Dear Hulu,

Imagine my surprise today when I discovered I needed to pay you an additional $7.99 because it never occurred to you to apply part of the 1 year subscriptions I purchased onto my account and to cover the month you say I owed to you.   

While this alone is mildly irritating, I was already ticked off by the time I spoke to your very polite customer service representative because  it took me almost an hour to find your 1-800 number.  Might I suggest something to you? 

MAKE YOUR 1-800 NUMBER EASIER TO FIND!!!  You are not NASA, the FBI, or the CIA - and they are easier to reach than you are, at this point it seems like reaching a direct line to God for a face to face is easier than attempting to contact a real live human being. 

While I realize that you might prefer to keep it impersonal and nameless, some people still prefer to speak to a person, a real live human voice and not correspond with you via e-mail or some impersonal "contact us e-mail".  Especially since it is far to convenient for you to "lose" me in the system AND still keep the money I paid you for my gift subscription. 

Out of curiosity, have you contemplated looking at Netflix and how they have their site set up.  Finding their 1-800 number is far easier than finding yours.  You should have it plastered in multiple convenient locations as opposed to finding it in only ONE location that is pretty obscure and tough to find.  That is unless you are trying to hide from disgruntled customer?   If that's the case, you should probably not have an online site that helps people stream movies and TV shows to their TV's through Roku, BlueRay, etc. . . 

A Very Disgruntled and Annoyed Customer!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Sanhedrin

I've been rereading Acts and I am at the portion after Peter and John healed the beggar.  They are standing before the Sanhedrin and they are ordered to no longer speak about Christ and what happened to him. 

As I see these men and the followers who refuse to remain quiet, it makes me wonder and think. . . would I have the courage to speak out and to defy the leaders of America if it came to the point where it was no longer allowed to speak of Jesus?  We are already seeing these restrictions in China, Myanmar, and other countries.  If you go and research The Voice of the Martyrs you read about pastors who are imprisoned and who face persecution because they refuse to be silent. 
Even now we see our rights to serve God and live according to our religious conviction being limited.  It's okay to be gay, but it isn't okay to be a Christian.  After hundreds of years of people who claimed to be Christian hurting others in the name of God, we are now on the receiving end.  Of course, we were on the receiving end after Jesus ascended into Heaven, but that was in the early years of A.D. not now. . . 

Most recently our illustrious President Obama is striving to tell those who do not believe in birth control that they must supply their employees with birth control options and abortion options even though it goes against their religious beliefs.   They feel convicted by God to not offer this and to allow God to dictate how many children their families have.  I have friends who made that choice - while it's not my own personal choice, they love their children very much and do a good job raising them.  We live in a time where if we are deemed "intolerant" then we are called a hater, a bigot or racist.  While there are those living among us who do hide behind religion (Fred Phelps is an excellent example), not every Christian who doesn't agree with public consensus is a hater or a bigot.  Some people live their lives in the light that God has given to them and what they deem to be wrong for them does not make them a hater, it makes them a person of conviction.

Do I agree with those who speak out against homosexuality, transgender, or other choices?  No, do I believe that sin exists in this world?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  We see it glorified every day, but I also choose to live by Jesus' teaching in the book of Matthew when He told us to be careful how we judge others because that is how God will judge us someday.  While I may not always agree with the choices of my friends and how they choose to live their life - I do choose to love them.  John 3:17 says, "God did not send his son to condemn the world but to save the world through him."   Spread the good news, but also show them grace and mercy - because we have been given God's grace and mercy. . .

Despite all of this we now face an era where I think many of us are going to have to make some tough choices.  To what extent do we show grace and mercy?  How willing are we to face persecution because of our love of Christ?  Are we willing to sit quietly as our rights to freedom of religion are stripped away?  Because they are slowly being stripped by our current administration.    More importantly how did so many "Christians" end up blinded to Obama's folly and lack of consistency and ability to stand behind what he thinks.  How did people not see his ever changing stance on issues and yet he accused Mitt Romney of being wishy washy because he changed his stance on abortion?    I have to be honest, I worry that if our President is re-elected that we are much closer to the end of times than we thought.  

I worry about the girls growing up in the world today. . . it is becoming more difficult to raise my girls to be women of faith when everything on TV and in the movies mocks Christians as stupid and ignorant.  I guess the question of this blog is this - if you have to face a court today will you be found guilty of loving God?  Or would you be found innocent?    This isn't meant to point fingers, but it is meant to ask myself some tough questions.  If you happen to ask yourself the same questions so be it. 

I hope you all have a good weekend.
In Christ,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Act 3:

Imagine with me for a moment.  You are a man, you cannot walk, there are no wheelchairs, no handicapped accessible buildings,  & no disability checks coming in to help you and your family out.  Instead of living in 2012 you live in 35 A.D.  and to be disabled means your family will be taking care of you for the rest of their lives and yours - you have no marriage prospects because you cannot work, so you bring in money the only way you can - you beg outside the temple.

Hygiene is not as important as it is that you make some money to help you family.  It's important that your begging help them, you are desperate and some days you go without food  because you don't have any money and your family can't afford for you to eat.  No money means no food or paying for the simple things - never mind affording to pay for the sacrifice you are supposed to take to the temple for the Rabbi's to sacrifice on your behalf to be purified of your sins.  Worse, is that people believe that you can't walk because God is punishing you for something evil that you did.  These factors alone make you an outcast.

Today is an ordinary day. . . your family or a few friends have brought you to the temple.  Passover has passed and once again things are calmer.  People walk over you or kick you as they hurry into the temple  when two men come walking in to pray by the gate of the temple named Beautiful.

"Alms for the poor?  Can you spare a few coins for a man who cannot walk?"

The two men look at you.  Wait, they are really truly looking at you and not as if you are a bug and disgusting.   You are so ashamed so you bow your head.

"Look at us."

Something in their voices make you look up at them, you can't help but look at them.

"Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk."

And as the two men take your hands they help you get up and your feet, legs and ankles are strong, they've never been strong before?!  How can this be happening?   Who is Jesus?  The man who was crucified over Passover?   Suddenly you don't care you just want to find your friends and your family and share with them the good news.  You can walk, you can help earn your way in your family - no more begging, no more being an trial to your family - you might even be able to get married.

Anyone who has spent time going to church as children has heard this story in Acts 3.    How Peter and John went to pray and found the paralyzed beggar and healed him.  This act opened the door so they could preach to the Jews in the Temple about Jesus.  It was through the miracles that they performed that God opened many doors and the numbers of those who believed in Christ grew. 

I love Science Fiction, and if time travel were possible, I think it would be fascinating to see the events from the Bible to unfold.  Watching Jesus ministry, death and resurrection and afterwards when the Disciples and followers began to share the Good News and how the first churches began to grow and transform the world.   I know it won't happen, but the theory is interesting.

I hope you all have a good week.
In Christ,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Woot, Woot!!

Normally, I write about my family and brag on them.  But today I have to brag on me a little bit.

April 15, 2006 I underwent gastric bypass because I wanted to live a healthier life and more importantly I wanted to live long enough to see my grandchildren someday.  At 300 pounds that was not going to happen.  So I made the tough choice to have surgery.  At the time my cholesterol was 280 and all of my other levels were just as bad and my blood pressure was very high. 

Almost six years later, and I now have my blood pressure under control thanks to beta blockers (sometimes you have to concede), and I added some stuff to my daily diet and medicine routine.  I take 1000 mg of Cinnamon, I take 1000 mg of Fish Oil with Omega -3, a baby aspirin a day, Zyrtec to keep my allergies under control so my blood pressure also stays in check better, 1,000 mg of Calcium since I am allergic to milk and iron (plus a friend to help) so I can not be anemic.  And something began happening . . . my numbers began to go down slowly. 

Today I opened up the mail and my blood work results came in from my well check last week.  My cholesterol is 222!!!!  My Triglycerides have gone down to 111, which is only 11 points away from normal, my LDL is still high, which I will need to work on, but everything else is looking a lot better.  Oh and I'm deficient in Vitamin D, so I'll add it to my daily routine and add more Cinnamon in during the day.  :D  Now to work on walking more and being more active. 

I hope you all have a good weekend.
In Christ,

Changing Viewpoints?

There are a lot of changes these days going on in our world and our society. . . 
Not all of them good, not all of the bad.  But I admit it openly and honestly, as I delve into God's word it makes me stop and think and wonder about a lot of what I see happening.

I'm not here to preach the end is near.  . . only God knows when that is coming.  But I do wonder about the state of our nation, world, and on a smaller scale our lives.   We are told repeatedly throughout the New Testament to be Residential Aliens - in the world but no of the world.  And yet the world is pulling us towards it's ideals and thoughts.  If I told you that I don't spend many days wondering about our world and what we are to think of it, I would not be honest. 

Homosexuality, Transgender, one night stands, science, atheism and paganism being embraced, prostitution is running rampant, infidelity and divorce are rampant.   Our country is about being accepting and to some degrees I can't argue with that.  Especially since I believe we are called to be Grace to those in this world who do not know God's Grace.  But where does grace end and caving in to the world begin?  When is the line crossed or blurred so much that we lose sight of what is truly important - Eternal peace and life with Christ? 

This is not a blog meant to condemn anyone . . . I am not perfect in anyway and Jesus was quite clear in Matthew 7: 1 - 3  "Do not judge, or you too will be judged.  For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.  Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"  I stand by that.  But to what degree do we sit back and watch as this world falls apart?  At what point do we stand up and say enough is enough? 

We are studying history with Elizabeth these days and we are discussing emigrants (those who are exiting their country to move to another country) and immigrants (those entering the new country after leaving behind their home in the former country) and why so many people came to America. . . They came for freedom to worship as they saw fit, freedom to express their own political viewpoints without being killed or thrown in jail and the freedom to make a new life and hopefully a better life for themselves and their families.  Here's the real question though - at what point is "freedom" a good thing or a bad thing?  At what point do we say, "Yes, you have freedom of speech but just because you can say something doesn't mean you should."  At what point do we decide to fight for our freedom to worship as we choose and stop a President and Congress from slowly warping our country away from everything our forefathers fought for?  When is enough enough and when do we stop wanting to take the easy road of letting the government take care of us and start thinking and acting for ourselves and our own well-being.  At what point is charity go from being a good thing to a bad thing?   When do we stop being a crutch for those in need to continue on the path or using free government money and when do we say, it's time for you to go get a job and pull your own weight?   When do we ask, why do we have a president who does not respect our country and it's history and why did we elect a man who is turning our country into a socialist country? 

Part of the reason so many wish to come to our country is because we offer a chance to start over again.  People come to America for operations and medical care because we do not have socialized medicine and it is very competitive and people are encouraged to keep searching for newer and better ideas and concepts to solve our problems and help ease them.  

Tonight's blog is just about asking the tough questions and trying to figure out where we each stand on issues. 
I hope you all have a good weekend.
In Christ,

Friday, February 10, 2012

Emigrants and Immigrants

We are studying Emigrants and Immigrants right now in History with Elizabeth and she's been learning a lot.  For example I didn't know myself that before a person arrived in America they were an emigrant and not an immigrant. 

What is the difference?  Well an emigrant  is exiting their country to go to another country to live while an immigrant is a person who has entered or arrived in a new country after leaving behind their home in another country.  It's been interesting to learn the different reasons people came to America in the beginning and to learn about the type of person it took to survive. 

For example most of the first group of settlers in Jamestown didn't make it and the first winter in Plymouth was so difficult that most people didn't survive.   It took a very tough and adventurous person to move to our country in the beginning and for those who chose to move out West when we began expanding our country. 

The thing is that for years people have been coming to America - since it first began.  We came for the freedom to worship as we believe and the freedom to have our own ideas about politics and the ability to make a new life for ourselves.  That hasn't changed since our country first started to now.  Even now we have people who come to America (some legally and some not so legally) to make a better life for themselves.   We are a country made from many different countries and we have fought hard and long to gain and retain that freedom. 

My Grandma Taylor was an immigrant. She moved here after World War II because she met and married my Grandpa Taylor.  I don't know that she came so much for a better life as she came for the man she loved - he was the love of her life even after their marriage dissolved.   She was smart, tough, and an amazingly hard worker.   She could sew amazingly beautiful clothing out of cloth that others saw and didn't think it would be pretty - she saw the beauty that could be fulfilled.  My Aunt Nina inherited that same gift from her and it's an amazing gift to have.     Grandma taught me a lot of things - including that I CANNOT GROW PLANTS.  She tried though to help me grow things - she came over once a week one summer and we worked on a flower bed, sadly the flowers never produced anything because I just do not have a gift for growing things.  I get too sidetracked, but we tried.  Grandma could grow almost anything I think, her garden was amazing and wonderful and we loved playing in it.  She even let a little turtle live there and named him Teddy the Turtle I believe.   

Thursday, February 9, 2012


There are odd noises in my house tonight.  Dinner has been served, baths taken, all is quiet when suddenly sounds startle me from the quiet. .  .  What on Earth could that be?   I sit quiet and wait and nothing.  As I settle back into my routine suddenly there it is again. . . wait?  What?  It sounds like two cats in heat.   As I listen further suddenly from the silence bursts more cat noises.  I can't help but start laughing.

Why would I laugh at two cats mating?  Well because it's not a cat or two cats - the sounds are coming from  Elizabeth.  She sounds that realistic.  She loves to pretend to be a cat and when I asked her to show me what she is doing in her room I get a full demonstration of what she knows cats do and she does an amazing imitation of them. 

This is not the only sound that comes from her room at times.  Sometimes she is pretending to be a super hero or a princess.  She's worked herself up to tears and almost to the point of being inconsolable before.  It is one of the things we deal with when it comes to Elizabeth. 

While most parents may not think much of it if it is their small child, Elizabeth is 10 years old and soon to turn 11 years old in August.   One of our challenges for Elizabeth when we discovered she had an Autism Spectrum Disorder was to try to get her out of her own little world and to join us in this world.   It took a lot of work in the beginning and even now we have to talk about our imaginary friends and that they stay at home and don't come with us when we go to the store, the doctor, etc . . .  It is a real struggle for her.  And she comes by it honestly.  I too struggle to remain in reality and stay out of the imaginary world I love to visit in my head.   Although, not to the same degree as Elizabeth. 

As she grows and her reading skills improve she's found new food for her imagination, but still her favorite thing to do is pretend what she sees on TV (hence our hyper vigilance about what we allow her to watch) or become friends with her favorite characters.    This was fine at home, but it's presented more than a few problems when she joined the world outside our home.

When Elizabeth was young she LOVED Disney's Tarzan.  She would strip down to her panties (sometimes, sometimes she was totally naked) and would do the Tarzan yell - and do it well I might add.   This was cute and I didn't think a lot of it at the time, until that fateful day after she'd started public school.   One day I walked into the school office and one of the parent volunteers said hi and started chuckling. 

"Your daughter cracks me up."

Instantly my mom senses started tingling and my head started racing.  Oh geez, what on Earth has she done now?     After all, Lizzie had to receive the "We don't climb on the bathroom stall door" speech from Mrs. Silveous (yes, I laughed when she wasn't looking).  She kicked a parent volunteer's shoe, she had run around making noises and pretending there were dinosaurs.  So I had good reason to go on high alert.

"Oh?  What did she do?"

"Today in the library she stood on the table and started doing a Tarzan yell." 

"But she kept her clothes on right?"  You've never seen two more perplexed women in your life, because the school secretary was there as well.  So I explained.

"She never does the Tarzan yell without taking off her clothes.  Did she take them off?!!!!!"

Both women laughed and assured me that she had remained fully clothed.  I was so relieved at the time.  I guessed I was relieved too quickly because the next day she stripped down in class. 
Oh well,  we finally broke her of that.  She still does the Tarzan yell, but I am happy to say it no longer requires her to strip in her mind.   Now to convince her that she's not a cat.

Have a good week.
In Christ,

Monday, February 6, 2012


I have had the privilege of growing up in the Body of Christ.  It's had it's shares of ups and downs, but even now I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Through 37 years I have learned some amazing lessons and been blessed and frustrated through out it all.  But even now I know that even when humans fail me that God is always at my side and with me.

My parents were both children of God.  My mom was young when my grandparents came to know Christ and my dad became saved shortly after he married my mom.  A few months later God called my dad to be a pastor.  Even after his death we attended church and Mom worked hard to instill the need for Christ in our lives in us every day.  I got the privilege of attending a private school but eventually went on to public school.  Through all of this I attended church and tried to please God, but I always felt I fell short somehow.  It wouldn't be until I was 16 1/2 that God and I would find a place of understanding.

My Junior year of high school was beginning and our church had a really amazing teen group come to visit our church.  They were the Trinity Nazarene Teens and we spent the weekend getting to know them until Saturday night when they performed for us and Sunday morning they would again perform and share our service with us.  Getting to know them was nice, but it was Saturday night when they began singing I knew I was in the presence of God.  In that moment, I knew I was unworthy.  I had asked Jesus into my heart, but this was different, I saw how wretched I was and how mean my heart and mind really were and I didn't want to be that anymore.  I cried through the whole service and the alter call couldn't come fast enough.  I realize now that was the moment I was Sanctified - the Holy Spirit came to live in me and be with me.  I haven't regretted it since. 

I have had questions, I have sometimes doubted and I have even expressed my displeasure with God at times (1996 is a good example of that time) but through it all in the end I know that God has it in His hand and it will happen in His timing and not mine. 

I was asked recently how I knew when something was God speaking to me.  I have to be honest I had to really think about how to explain it, because I just felt like I know.  But the truth is once I take something to God in prayer I find that I have a peace about it and when it's right I just seem to know it.  This has held true in 1999 when I prayed about Sicily - I had felt the tugging on my heart before, but there were too many things standing in the way and too much uncertainty.  I told God I wanted to obey, but I had too many debts and I owed SNU money.  But in 1998 when Dr. Culbertson talked about Volunteer Service it was right - no more debts on a car or to SNU, it was now or never while I had to opportunity.    When I was praying over a husband I didn't have, I knew that God had someone in mind, it was just a peace I had a sense of calm that He had a plan.  Sunday is a very good example of just knowing our need was already going to turn out okay.  I didn't tell anyone at church, not out of a sense of pride or fear of asking for help, but because I had prayed about it and I knew God had  a plan.  He did plus some because he remembered that we needed toilet paper and I had forgotten.     He knew before we did that our gas tank wouldn't make it until Wednesday if He didn't intervene and so he did. 

Once a roommate of mine told me that it wasn't God's plan for my life that it was always in upheaval and that I should have to struggle so much.  My answer still today would be - you are wrong!  It is in those times of struggle and absolute nothingness that I find God is prevalent the most - He shows himself in my life in a way that can only be divine intervention.   It is through those times that God makes Himself known not only to me, but to others.  It was through a terrible car accident that he proved again that "Jesus Never Attended a Funeral He Didn't Interrupt."   It was that sermon that still stays with me now.  When Matthew was fighting a second time for his life it was in the moments when Pastor Terry Jones was sitting with my brother he could feel the Parade of Death marching around Matthew and he began to pray.  It was in the moment when Matthew cried out through the tubes going down his throat that suddenly the Parade of Death left the room and the Parade of Life entered in - that sermon has remained with me even now and it makes me want to cry tears of joy. 

People ask me how do I know God is real?  I know because He shows himself to me daily in the little things.  Nature, my daughter's smiles or laughter.  I know He Lives when I see Elizabeth playing and making friends like other children after years of battling to gain ground.  I know God exists because so many times He works in my life or in the life of those I love and cherish - even if they don't always see it.

Have a good week.
In Christ,

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dear Anonymous

To the Anonymous Donor,

I wanted to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart.   We weren't drowning, but it was definitely tight on gas for the van this pay period.  I was praying this morning and asking God to help us out, because it was either the ten stretch further or we needed our own personal Hanukkah miracle.   And how fortuitous that God should act shortly after our Sunday School lesson about how the church shortly after Jesus left took care of the poor and needy and those in the body in need.  We even talked about how our way of thinking is often the biggest obstacle.  I wasn't trying to be prideful by not asking for help because I knew God would provide for our family.   He has been faithful to our family for years so it only made sense he would take care of us this time.  
But today was truly a blessing, I'm sorry if I didn't show a ton of reaction, I'm kind of a Delayed - Reaction Girl.  I have been  for a long time.  Especially if it's a little crazy and it was definitely crazy today.   But I did want to say thank you very much for your help.  It means a lot and helped me fill the tank and get some necessary food to help us through until Wednesday when we get paid.

Love in Christ,

Money has been tight this pay period.  It usually is when we have Army Reserve weekend AND rent in the same period of time.   This pay period is no exception.  In fact, until late this morning we were close to the big fat E where your "Low Fuel" light comes on.  As I was driving to church this morning I was praying and asking him to either miraculously put money in our account or give us our own personal Hanukkah miracle.  After a Sunday School class talking about admitting when you need help.  Interestingly enough it didn't occur to me to tell them we could use some help.  I figured I had given it to God, and that was enough. 

Here is the thing, growing up Faith paid the bills, sometimes put food on the table and bought eye glasses or took us to the eye doctor.   More than a few times my mom would be praying and God would answer her prayers, sometimes in obvious ways and sometimes in not so obvious ways.  I have grown up trusting that God would provide for our needs and that even if it came from an unusual source, He would always find a way or provide an answer.

Back to my story though, after Sunday School Pastor Mike came to me with an envelope and explained that the Lord had laid us on a family in our churches heart and they wished to remain unknown.  He handed me a card and I knew instantly that I would be able to put gas in the van before heading home, no more worrying about how far $10 in a gas tank was going to get us.   But I wasn't expecting to find $100 gift card to Safeway or an affiliated store inside.  It put gas in the minivan and got the girls some fun food for this evening and some pop for a few days and the ability for me to spoil Chris a little bit tonight with some guacamole and chips - because he's been working really hard.   It also got us a few things to tide us over until Wednesday when we get paid.    It's these moments when I am reassured and these moments when I can share our miracles that I can share that God does exist.  God is real, not because of this one thing, but because of my life.  He has been with me, taking care of me and my family and our lives (even when the bad things happen), guiding me and showing me His will throughout my life and I wouldn't change that for anything. 

Have a good week.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Decisions Made

Moving?! The idea drives terror into my heart.  We've gotten settled finally and things are finally leveling out.  While our apartment is small at only 920 square feet and one bathroom, what it lacks in space it makes up in closets.    We have an amazing view of a gorgeous pond and the girls get to feed ducks and geese when they want to.  Okay so I have to brave snow and ice sometimes to do my laundry, it's inconvenient, but not the end of the world.

Our lease is coming to its end in April and after really thinking about it and praying about it, we have made a choice about whether to move or whether to find something different.  It's not an easy choice to make.  It would be nice to have more living space.  It would be nice to have a washer and dryer, or the idea of being able to not fight with someone to use the bathroom would also be nice.  I've been looking around.  We know that between the $950 we pay for rent and our extra parking space, the $150 for a storage unit, and the $120 we use for laundry each month we can swing $1250 to $1400 a month at the most.

Here's the problem with that.  Most decent places to live that are in that price range are too far from work.  So $1400 a month in rent here would mean tons of overtime for Chris.  We'd never see him, he would get up, eat lunch, go to work and stay until well after we were all in bed asleep.  It would mean Chris working every weekend, never spending time with us.  And as he's gotten older he's realized that isn't important, it's more important that he have a good relationship with our girls.  

I've written before about our choice to be good stewards with our money and how we felt the Lord lay it on our hearts that we not spend more than Chris brings home.  Being the primary parent at home, isn't easy and it's not always easy to not have the money we want to have to spend like we'd like, but it is more important to us to live within and a little beneath our means than that we have a huge house and tons of stuff we don't use.   Plus by remaining here it means we have more time after taking care of some legal stuff to build up our credit again.  It gives us rental history and the truth is, Elizabeth is finally leveling out.  She and Beka are making friends, they are having a good time, and learning to play with other children in a productive and positive way.

So here we are and our decision is made - we are going to renew our 1 year lease in April.  It wasn't easy to decide upon, but it gives Chris time to keep moving up the ladder, it also means we are living within means as opposed to living outside of them.  Staying also means we can have a nice family vacation with the girls in April.  That's important to us.  Especially since 2010 and 2011 were so rocky for all of us.  It's important to do something fun with all three girls before Sarah begins college and by not moving, we can increase the amount we wish to spend on our used vehicle we need to purchase to replace the Acclaim.  It also means we can have a good time with less stress at Disneyland in the Spring.

I hope you all have a good week.