Thursday, January 5, 2012


A lot of people like to study their ancestry.  My mom loves the Genealogy tree thing she does and my friend Judy does For me it seems small but I dream.

In my dream I go to England and sit in a tea shop and sip English tea and eat scones and learn about tea time there.  I explore London, Somerset and all over the small area known as England that belonged to my Grandma Taylor.  I'd love to find some of her family - assuming they are still living, which more than likely they aren't, but I'd love to meet them, hear them talk about Grandma and Great Grandma and Grandpa Lily.

Great Grandma Lily had a hard life growing up, but she also had a beautiful voice.  I wonder what it was like for her.  I wonder what Grandma Taylor was like as a young child - from what I understand she was a lot like my mom.   A daydreamer, and many often thought she wasn't smart, but she was the only one in her family to pass the test to go to high school (yes, you had to pass a test to go to high school when my Grandma was a girl).  She was smart and when she got tickled she had a sweet laugh, sadly it didn't happen often.  She worked hard, sewed for us, knitted and even taught my Grandpa Taylor to knit too.  He proudly made my best friend, Patty and I similar sweater vests only mine was green and hers was pink.  Patty recently told me that she still has hers.  I lost mine in one of our numerous moves.   I'd like to know how they ended up being who they are and how their lives were in England.

It seems like a silly dream to some, but I think history is important.  We can learn so much for those who walked before us and from their achievements and their mistakes.  For now I'll be happy sipping my Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea (even though it is late at night) and dreaming of England, pubs, tea shops, and scones and hope that someday I'll make to my land of dreams.  The nice thing about dreams is there doesn't have to be a limit on them and you can dream as big or as small as you want.  Me?  I prefer to dream big.

Have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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