Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Developmental Changes

 Lizzie woke up grumpy this morning.  Normally this is a horrible thing - it means a day spent soothing her and trying to keep her moderately happy.  After all I can't cater to Elizabeth in everything. . . that isn't right or fair to the other two girls.  Plus Elizabeth has proven she can chill herself out when it's been a bad day.  So I cancelled everything.  And I do mean everything. 
Our typical routine means on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that we have Miss Lindsay over to do preschool with Beka.  Cancelled.  Usually on Wednesday nights I go to Praise Team Practice - CANCELLED!  I set Chris with Sarah to go to the pediatrician for her well check because he is not as patient with Elizabeth as I am and I really would rather that I not come home to find her in tears and so over stimulated it's not funny.   I also don't think it's right to leave her with Sarah when she wakes up grumpy because even if she is calm for me, something always happens after I leave and I come home to find her aggitated and upset when I get home.  

As luck would have it, I was smart to do this.  Lizzie took her pills, got dressed, ate breakfast, and settled down for a day of watching Science videos (TV soothes a lot of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder), she snuggled up under some blankets on the couch and was quite happy.  Beka on the other hand woke up bright and cheery and that's about all she did today except whine, scream, and cry ALL DAY LONG! 

I am not a huge encourager of whining.  In fact, it gets our girls sent to their room until they can calm themselves down enough to be in public.  But not today.  Today was spent snuggling, consoling, and a lot of time in her room on her bed.  Elizabeth after taking her medication chilled out and did fairly well for me.   I was more than pleasantly surprised. 

The little girl who used to not be fit to go outside or to be taken in public can now relax herself and help herself take a few deep breaths to help calm herself down  The child who used to bang her head until she had huge bruises on her forehead now can sit quietly on her bed and read a book.  Very rarely do we have meltdowns, at least not as often as before.  And this has become new since I started home schooling her.  She's not in class now and overstimulated, she is able to remove herself now with a little prompting to go and read a book until she calmer now.   I am so proud of her I could burst 

Now to tackle Beka and her meltdowns.   It's interesting that Beka is the one who meltdowns now and she is our typical child.  That means she doesn't have an ASD or Elizabeth's issues.  She's relatively happy, healthy, and just as smart as her two older sisters.  I will be so glad when she hits a maturity growth spurt and we move past the whining phase.

I hope you all have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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