Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas and Need

When I was a girl I was in a single mom family.  My dad had died when I was five and after my mom divorced my step-dad we hurt financially.   I probably wouldn't have known, but sometimes when you hear your mom weeping as she prays to God asking him for help to make the bills, it's hard to stay oblivious.  I learned some amazing lessons from those times.  But I also learned that it stinks when you are watching others open a lot or some very expensive presents and you have one toy and that's it.  I think the person it was hardest on though was probably my mom.

As mom's we try to protect our children and we only want them to be happy and healthy.  I'm sure that it was harder on mom - especially when Matt and Meg never seemed to realize it wasn't about stuff and they really wanted.  My brother seems to have figured it out and maybe now that Meg is older she has too, but for a long time she was angry with Mom for not giving her what she thought Mom should have provided for us.  She's a mom herself now so I'm sure she has begun to realize it's never easy to see your children suffer or struggle. 
So yes, I 'm going to send you links to http://www.bethelfoundationusa.com/ so you can help out.  I've been one of the over 600 children who will have nothing under the tree for them.  It is not fun, it's heartbreaking for the children and it is heartbreaking for the mom's who have to watch their children struggle.  Because most of these children won't be sitting with one toy while their families open more toys they can't have - they will have no toys at all.  You can help that not happen.  You can make a difference.  You can share this blog and this link http://www.bethelfoundationusa.com/, you can go to the link and donate some cash to the paypal account you'll find if you scroll down a little bit, or you adopt a child if you are in the Oklahoma City area.  Anything helps out.

Love in Christ,

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EMT MOM said...

Wow your amazing girl that post really touched my heart its so true keep doing what your doing amazing mother love and merry Christmas