Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Earlier I was writing about how I felt deflated after reading Elizabeth's Re-evaluation.  That is no longer the case because I discovered today that the little turkeys who made her life miserable when we first moved here have moved out of our complex. 

These children were the ring leaders behind the other kids seeking out Elizabeth and Rebekah, the oldest daughter encouraged a boy to molest two girls in our complex, they wrote terrible things in graffiti on the playground about the girls - things I can't repeat because a lady doesn't say those kinds of things.  Not to mention some of them were very graphic.   So now we just have to pray that God sends a nice family with nice children in to the unit they were occupying. 

On a more upbeat note, the Union at Boeing has been working quietly to extend the current contract the workers have already in place.  This would include a sign on bonus as well as a small raise in health insurance, but we'd keep what we have, which really is good insurance and we are all covered not just a few of us.  Also Chris is being looked at as a choice for a manager position.  He is working hard to finish up his Bachelor's degree and then plans to go on to graduate school.  He wants a Master's in Divinity and to become a Reservist Chaplain.  The nice part of this is two fold.  First, he no longer carries a weapon and second, because he's already seen combat, he won't be leaving the post if he were to ever deploy again.  Thankfully, it appears that another deployment is not in our future because we are withdrawing our troops out of Iraq and plan to begin removing them from Afghanistan soon.   This means that deployments may not be an occurrence for our family again, but that is not the case for our Active Duty servicemen and women - so please continue to pray for them. 

Also after paying off our minivan in 2009 we should have received the title, should have, but didn't.  We didn't discover this until after we moved from Kansas to Washington - so after months and months of back and forth, we finally received our title for the minivan.  And on Wednesday I was able to get the minivan it's Washington tags!!!  This is huge for us, we've been relying on Mom's old Plymouth Acclaim (thank you Mom for selling it to us by the way) and it's gotten Chris to and from work and taken me to do grocery shopping, etc. . . but it is on it's last legs, so having the minivan is wonderful.  It will still get Chris to drill weekend and to and from work on the weekends or Wednesday evening so I can attend Praise and Worship team practice.  It's nice to know that when Chris drives to work now he is in a car with good brakes, and that I don't have to worry will die on him on his way to or from work most days. 

So those are our little blessings.  We did receive Elizabeth's official copy of her re-evaluation.  Yes, it did kind of deflate me a little bit, but we are working and making progress and she is learning AND I found the Home school Association today so we'll be looking into that this next week.  It even offers enrichment classes.  So I look forward to seeing Elizabeth and Rebekah do some of those classes with other children. 

I hope you all have a good week. 
In Christ,

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