Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who is Your Hero

  I have a hero. . . she may not seem like one when you pass her on the street, but she is amazing.  My hero is my mom.  She raised three children by herself after Dad died while she was pregnant with my sister Meg and Matt was just a toddler.  She could have collapsed and drown in her own sorrow, but instead she opted to work hard and make sure that we grew up relatively happy and emotionally healthy.

Yeah, she made some mistakes along the way, but being a parent isn't about being perfect, it's about doing the best you can to raise your children and pray that you've done a good job and they'll make good choices as they grow up.   She fought for us when we needed her.  Let me tell you I am glad I wasn't the jerk doctor who tried to write Matt off while Mom was ripping into him in front of his colleagues, or the counselors at my high school when she let them know that my being sexually harassed was unacceptable and she wasn't going to go away until they fixed it.

She did her best to make sure that we knew she loved us.  She snuggled us, she left an abusive second husband to save us, she even faced Christmas for us.  It may not seem like a big deal, but after Dad was gone, Christmas wasn't the same for her, but until we were older, we didn't know it.  She always made sure we had a good Christmas, even if it was small.  She went without often - she had holey socks for years (she even developed a sock obsession after funding wasn't so tight) and went without so we could have what we needed.

I don't think she realizes how awesome she is sometimes, but she should because we wouldn't be here today if not for Mom and her unfailing love and desire to want only what was in God's will for our lives and what He wanted for us.

I love you and I am so glad you are my Mom.

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