Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One Year!

Time flies quickly.   One year ago in November 2010, we were broke, Chris was unemployed and I was worried that Elizabeth would never make the progress we needed her to make in reading. 
It was a valid concern, she was in 3rd grade and could barely recognize the 1st grade sight words.  I had a million concerns.

What if Elizabeth never picked up reading?  Would we spend the rest of our lives reading for her?  How would we be able to help her fill out job applications?  How would she make a living if she couldn't read?  A thousand  concerns and a million questions and no answers. 

We were working on her sight words, working and working and Thanksgiving vacation came.  We were spending some quality time as a family at home when Elizabeth announced she needed to work on her sight words.  She went and grabbed them out of the box I kept them in and started going through them with no problems.  She only messed up on TWO WORDS!!! 

Chris and I sat there speechless for a few minutes and I suddenly began to cry.  She came to me and I hugged her and had to tell her, "Elizabeth you are reading!  Mommy is so proud of you!"  I cried off and on all day because I was so overjoyed.  Oh and she brought me a note right after from her teacher, Mrs. Silveous.  The note said she thought that Elizabeth wasn't going to wait until 6 months after her birthday she thought it was going to start making the connection soon.  Boy was she right.  I called her and had to tell her. 

It has been almost one year since I went on Facebook and happily typed in bold upper case letter,  ELIZABETH IS READING, ELIZABETH IS READING!  Even now I still get teary just thinking about it.   As a mom I am proud of all three of my daughters, they have each brought me so much joy.  Sarah has grown and matured into an amazing young woman.  She is smart, kind and compassionate and very thoughtful.  Beka is cute, smart, and quick as a whip.  She will learn very fast and do well in school.  Elizabeth has brought me joy by growing and making so much progress.   I couldn't be prouder of her.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. 
In Christ,

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