Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On the Home School Front

So this week has been fairly productive.  We are getting into the groove and my goal is to finish each subject.  Some days are a little more successful than others.  My main goal is to get Elizabeth into a good routine.

My other challenge?  Getting me back into a good morning schedule with the girls.   Right now I've been struggling with going to be early and getting up early.  Sometimes there is simply not enough caffeine in Twinings Tea to wake me up.  It's sad, but I may contemplate drinking coffee soon to achieve this feat.  The fact that I am contemplating the idea of even making coffee much less making it should speak volumes.  I am a staunch tea drinker.  My Grandma Taylor would be so proud.  But I need to move into an early morning routine. 

The nice thing about home school is I have flexibility.  The bad thing about home school?  I have flexibly.  It's kind of a double edged sword.  So I think I am going to move my grocery shopping day to. . . (GASP!) Saturdays or something.  Maybe I'll make Thursday a free day and Saturday can be a school day.  At this point, I'm torn between my hatred of large overcrowded stores and wanting the girls to have a good solid education.  I actually HATE, LOATH, DESPISE, DEPLORE, DETEST and ABHOR shopping on the weekends.  I hate how crowded and grouchy everyone is, I hate not being able to find what I need.  There is a reason I shop on Thursday or Fridays.  The last time I deviated from my normal routine was during my pregnancy with Chris, when I could no longer lift things myself or drive myself w/o having contractions.  Of course, he wouldn't get up on Fridays so I could do what I needed to do, so I had to grocery shop on Saturday.  It was horrible and we both hated every single moment of it.  So you see my dilemma and how I'm torn. 

So I finally, finally got the last things I needed for Saxon Math to discover it was not what I thought it was going to be at all.  Oh well, I'm diving into Saxon Math, because honestly at this point, we just need to do more than a workbook for Math.  So come rain or shine, starting tomorrow I'll be doing Saxon Math.  On the bright side, at least I can utilize my dry erase board a little more now.  Because I never use that enough (yes, I'm being sarcastic, it's been a long day, sarcasm is necessary). 

On the Science front, we are using the science workbooks to reinforce what scientists do and that they don't always stay in a lab and wear white coats.    I want her to realize what scientists do.


This is an area that is proving more difficult than others.  First, Elizabeth does much better with multiple choice, memory is an obstacle for her, it has been for years now.  Even memorizing Bible verses is a challenge, rote memory is not a good idea for her because it will only serve to frustrate her and me both.  So for some of our classes tests are oral or multiple choice.  But now I need to figure out a way to teach her how to take regular tests so when she goes out in the world or attempts to go to college (assuming she does this) then she will be able to take tests like other students. 

Maybe I'm crazy for attempting this, but I know this much.  Home school is a good choice for Elizabeth, but it's also a safe environment for me to broaden her horizons more and give her some one on one.  I know part of what she loves is sitting next to me in our overstuffed chair and doing school together.  We read, we answer questions, we watch History.   Yes, we are currently watching History - The Revolution about the Revolutionary War.  It's a little more detailed than I would like, but that's okay, we discuss the highlights.  She can tell you about the basics of the Boston Tea Party now -she loves that they dressed up as Indians and tossed the tea into the sea.  We are slowly realizing that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and George Washington was the General over the entire Continental Army.

So here is where we are. . . I'm still figuring it all out, but I think we're making some progress.  It's slow and a sometimes frustrating, but I think we're making progress.  It's slow and painstaking, but I knew that going in with Elizabeth.

Have a good week.
In Christ,

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