Wednesday, November 2, 2011


NAKED!!!  Yes you read correctly.  A parent on asked the question if their child was the only public nudist?  The answer is no.  Elizabeth has finally found modesty, but not before years of striping anywhere and everywhere.

At first, it was cute.  She was small, so what was the harm.  Until the day she embarrassed me to the point of mortification at McDonald's.  Chris was deployed and Elizabeth was 3 years old at the time.  We were attempting (rather unsuccessfully I might add) to potty train her, so she wore pull ups.   It was a normal day, I didn't expect anything to happen.  Elizabeth was playing and running some of the ants out of her pants.  I was chatting with a friend when I heard chuckling.  I looked over and it took a few moments for my brain to realize that there was something coming down the slide.  Suddenly it began to register!  It was Elizabeth NAKED running down the slide.  And I mean naked, not pull up, no dress, nothing!!!  And to make it worse, she has yellow undertones in her skin and so she blended in to the slide a little bit.  I was horrified and thankfully prepared for a pull up change.  My friend sent one of her kids up to find the missing clothing (A sundress that was weather appropriate since it was summer) and the missing pull-up.  Everyone, but myself was laughing.  I was mortified.   I didn't go back there for a while.

While it may not seem embarrassing for you,  it was embarrassing for me, and my friend was laughing until she almost cried, until her own daughter did it later.  As time went on, I did return to McDonald's but Elizabeth also stripped still, just not there.  There were certain things we knew would mean stripping.  Bedtime - she'd strip.  It rained outside, she stripped.  Bath water running, yup you guessed it, she stripped.  She surprised more than one unsuspecting person during a shower (sorry Grandpa Ted!) or a bath (Sorry, Daddy).  If water was running, clothing was optional for her.   But probably the most humorous event was after she discovered the joys of Disney's Tarzan.  Elizabeth would strip down to her panties (or sometimes less) and would give her best imitation of Tarzan.  It was cute, at home, I didn't think a lot of it, until she started school.

One day as I went into the school office to say, "hello" to the awesome Ms. Frieda another parent was there keeping Frieda company and she started chuckling.

"Elizabeth cracks me up."  I instantly wondered what on Earth she could have done now, since conversations tended to start this way for me, during those days.

"Oh?  What did she do now?"  I tried to keep the panic from my voice, but I"m pretty sure I didn't succeed.

"She was in the library today and stood on the table and did a Tarzan yell."  I stopped cold, and asked. . .

"But she kept her clothing on, right?"

You have never seen two women look so confused in your life.  So I stupidly explained AND jinxed myself.

"She never does the Tarzan yell unless she strips to her underwear."  I wasn't about to tell them that sometimes for Lizzie underwear was optional.

They both started laughing but assured me that no, she had kept her clothing on.  I should never have asked, the next day she went to the library again and this time she stripped, without the Tarzan yell!!!  

You would think by then I wouldn't be surprised at anything Elizabeth did.  But even now, I find I am pleasantly surprised by the humorous things she does - and thankfully none of them involve the removal of clothing!

Have a good week.
In Christ,

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CJ said...

Children of all sorts say and do the darndest things!!! Great post- thanks for sharing!