Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything.

Finally, it has arrived!   I finally have all of the pieces for Saxon Math 3rd grade.  While Elizabeth is very strong in Math, she struggles with the language Saxon uses so I felt that it was a good idea to take a step back and ensure she has a good solid base.  

I also like that Saxon Math reinforces the numbered days in a week, months in a year and how to write a number sentence.  What is a number sentence?  Yeah, I had to google it myself to figure it out.  Growing up in school, they said, write a problem that uses this number as an answer or other various ways, so I wasn't quite familiar with a number sentence.  I hear the word sentence and I think use words, not numbers to create a sentence, so it's going to be a little interesting as we both learn how to navigate these new waters in Math.

So this is what I know for certain, Lizzie is very good with clocks.  However, she is not familiar with terms such as half past, quarter til, quarter past.  These are areas we are going to work on, language is a delayed area for her and the beauty of home school is I can accelerate or slow down as needed to fit Elizabeth's needs.  If she is thoroughly confident and doing well with telling time, I can skip over that portion and work on learning how to count change.  I can take time to help her learn the language of learning about word problems.  I have to be honest, word problems are the bane of my existence, I really really hate them.  Which you wouldn't think would be the case since I love the written word.

Math has always been a weaker area for me.  It changes too often and it isn't as simple are reading a book and figuring it out.  It usually involves things that are like learning a foreign language to me.  So it's going to be interesting to see how this works.  Thank goodness I am not being graded on it, and I can work with Elizabeth. 

The rest of school is going well, there are little tricks I learned or taught myself to help me growing up and now I get to pass them on and hopefully use them to help Elizabeth. 

I also had a nice chat with the former school psychologist from Madison.  She's moving on and dropped of the last paper work.  It wasn't anything she said out right, it's the little things she didn't say that let me know that the school is concerned about how is Elizabeth going to get the socialization she needs now that we home school.  Apparently they have concerns, great, I have concerns about their school district meeting the needs of my daughter.   I would love to sit down with the school board and discuss raising the standard of education for the students in Everett and starting a magnet school program so that the children whose parents are more involved can have alternatives to what is being offered.  Plus I don't think it's good for Elizabeth to always be the one that the kids see as the weakest link. 

At Sam S. Spaght Elementary, Elizabeth had friends who would stand up for her when some children would pick on her.  Here she is adrift and lost in a sea of children in a school that has too many students per classroom.  While the teachers are all very nice (at least the ones I've met), my heart and gut both told me by the end of summer that the time had come to start home school.  I know Elizabeth, I know how she works, thinks, functions and responds to different stimulus.  So it makes sense that I should be the one to help her.  We have church, she is in Camp Fire Girls, and we are looking into an ROTC program for her.  The ROTC program is like military for children, so it's not as rigid as the Army, but it would provide a structured setting for her and an environment for her to meet other children.  It's $10 a month and I believe they meet once a week. so I'll schedule our commissary visits around her drill time.  So it isn't as if I haven't contemplated all of those things.  How does it benefit her to attend a school with the same children who bully her here at the apartment complex?  It really has become like a pack of wild animals.  They find the weakest link and go after it.  It's terrible and I can't wait for next October so we can move.

I hope you all have a good week. Sorry it's a negative blog, I'm frustrated with the poor education system here, I'm frustrated that other people don't bother to teach their children to be kind to others.  More importantly, I'm frustrated that it came to this.

In Christ,

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