Monday, November 14, 2011

The Great Cootie War!!!

This unhappy looking Elizabeth is the latest casualty in what I am declaring to be "The Great Cootie War!"  This is the second time in four months we've been infested.  And I'll be honest, right now I'm thinking lice might be too high a price to pay to serve God.  Of course, that is how I feel so far today.  How I'll feel tomorrow may be a different matter entirely.  

We became drawn into The Great Cootie War because I work with the youth in our church and it's an ongoing problem. At this point Chris is about ready to ask me to quit.  In his defense, Chris is the one who had to console Elizabeth and Beka when he shaved their hair off.  Beka was much less distressed, but Elizabeth was distraught over it and he had to console her.  Adding insult to injury, the kids on our complex made fun of her A LOT!!!   They made and are still working on making her life miserable and call her a boy.  

So you can imagine everyone  else's  displeasure when I found lice crawling in Beka's head.   Everyone and I do mean everyone got up and let me treat them for lice.  Chris even underwent a head treatment.  Here is the biggest and most aggravating part of all of this.

Sarah leaves on Thursday to visit her mom, Kate.  Kate's mom hasn't been doing well for a while and it is highly possible that Sarah may have to attend a funeral while spending seven weeks visiting for her favorite Grandma Alice (she's her only Grandma Alice of course, hence she's the favorite) and Kate is already stressed out beyond belief.  She is running her mom to appointments, taking care of her own two children and working a full time job.  The last thing Kate needs is to worry about lice.  So now I make Sarah sit down and I go through her hair every single morning no matter how much she protests.  It already took me several months to get through all of Sarah's hair and remove EVERY SINGLE NIT!  It took months of treating her hair and making her sit through me picking through her hair to finally get it all gone.  By the time we got it all gone, it comes back into the house.  As you can tell by this blog, I am less than thrilled by this newest infestation! 

I think what makes me the maddest though is the mom of  the kids refuses to do anything about it.  The dad has gotten rid of it several times, but she tells the kids they are on their own (at least this is the story I've been told).  And in Washington, they no longer check a child for head lice AND send them home!  They send them back into the school room to continue infecting other children?!  Heaven only knows why they came up with this plan but it is a less than stellar one.  As a parent I would be irate to discover that the school knew a child had head lice and didn't send them home and not allow them back until it is gone.  Lice is a parasite and if left untreated can make a person very ill, but as long as we don't hurt some one's feeling, then by all means, what's a little head lice! 

Okay enough kvetching.  I hope you all have a good week.  I am going to bake a few batches of cookies and start supper and we are treating Sarah's head tomorrow with the may treatment, or maybe I'll do it tonight to get it done and over with. 

In Christ,

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If it makes you feel any better, we went through this from December of last year until July of this year. I thought I was going to pull my hair out! I finally had to cut all the girls' hair in a boy cut and we haven't seen a bugger since. But I did have to take my carpet cleaner for repair that I just bought in February to the shop recently 'cause I used it so much cleaning beds and carpets that I wore it out. ((HUGS))

3Monkeysmom said...

Thank you, that does make me feel a bit better.