Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why Do I Read the News?

After reading three very disturbing stories about child abuse, including a Utah woman sentenced for trying to sell her 13 year old virgin daughter to a man I have to be honest.  I am asking myself, "Why do I read the news?" 

The truth is for many years I have avoided the news, usually this occurs shortly after I give birth because between hormones and the horror stories in the news these days I found it best.  I'll never forget the look on poor Chris' face when he came home from work one night to me holding Beka (who was peacefully sleeping) in my arms and sobbing.  I had read a terrible story about a group of people who were facing trial for torturing a newborn.  I won't even go into details.  Ironically, I stumbled on the article because I was working on finding a journal article for my Ethics class.   

Thankfully, he was kind and thoughtful about it.  But I am sure he wished we had a way to block all of those articles.  After all, I am the woman who while pregnant would watch the news or Lifetime Movie Network and just bawl at the terrible things people did to their children.  He finally blocked it because he knew if he didn't I might not ever recover emotionally.  He was also the sweet man who talked to my mom and a few friends who all felt the need AFTER Elizabeth's birth to share with me horror stories about abused children and he nicely asked them to stop. 

So now I am not pregnant (and it needs to remain this way until I DIE!) and yet, while I am not sobbing at these stories, I am outraged.  Who sells their daughter's virginity to an adult male?!  Who starves their teenager to 37 lbs and to the point when he cannot talk?!  Really??????

I am positive that my job as the mom to Sarah, Elizabeth and Rebekah is to protect my girls, not abuse them.  Their virginity is something to be cherished and preserved until they marry, not sell to the highest bidder and yet this is the sad, sad state our world has come to, why?  Because we have given ourselves over to sin. 

And yet, we are not the first generation or the only part of the world to fall into the trappings of sin.  Greece, Sparta, Rome, these countries all fell after giving themselves over to depravity.  We see even in the Old Testament and the New Testament how the Israelites often chose to do their own thing.  Guess what we are no better than they were then - even now we have a terrible epidemic hitting our world, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, we see women, and children (this includes girls AND boys) who are sold into slave labor or sexual slavery.  Babies are stole and sold on the black market.  We have alcoholism and drug abuse going on, and yet, all of these things are not really new to our world.  The question is this:  What are you going to do about it?  Will you give God your heart and let him rule your life?  Or will you choose to follow the crowd, because it is easier to do than go against the flow?
King David lived his life for God.  Yes he made his mistakes, but he was also willing to humble himself and ask forgiveness.  God rewarded his life richly and while he may not make us a king or queen or bless us with riches by the standards of our world, but his blessings will be with you for eternity. 

I hope you all have a good week. 
In Christ,

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