Monday, October 10, 2011

Tackling History

Today's challenge in homeschooling?  Explaining continents, countries, states, colonies, cities, and their differences.   It took a while and a lot of repeating, but we made some headway. 

I decided to keep the 1985 edition of Bob Jones University Heritage Studies because it discusses our country and the role that God has played in our country becoming a country.  So today we discussed the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, and how we became 13 States.  Can you name all 13 States?  I can . . . now.  Before today's lesson, I had to Google it so I would have accurate information.  

After lunch we will tackle Science, Spelling, Reading, and of course, Beka's favorite Hooked on Phonics.  I am keeping Elizabeth in Lesson 1 because I want her to read better and not quite so stilted. Right now, reading is not her strong suit, but I have faith in God and Elizabeth that He will help her tackle this problem and conquer it. 

I am wondering about our Science bean though, it doesn't seem to be doing much changing these days.  Did I pick a bad bean?  Or do they actually roast them before you buy them as Chris suggested?
On a happy note, I am starting to do a Women's Bible Study with my friend Heather.  We are going to study the book of Romans.  And I decided to do my  own study of 1 Samuel.  I'd like to refresh my  memory of Biblical History since I am working with the girls are learning the Bible and it's history.  It is one of many reasons why I decided to home school - the freedom to teach my daughter's about Christ and remove many of the distractions I found myself fighting with Sarah and Elizabeth both.  

I am eagerly awaiting our English workbook, and Science Teacher text that I found on e-bay and I have a complete Heritage Studies kit coming but since today is Columbus Day, the mail won't be delivering today. 

I also find myself wondering if I have lost my mind.  I am no teacher, but I also know that letting Washington State be in charge of the girls schooling isn't a good option either.  I've been struggling with this decision for quite some time now - home school, don't home school?   In the end, I realized that it is better for the girls to be at home and to have me teaching.  I have a large dry erase board, we are slowly gathering supplies and resource materials, and at this rate, we'll definitely need to move into a house by next Fall so we have more room for home schooling.  I'd like to no longer pay for a storage unit and it would be nice to have a garage as well. 

I hope you all have a good week.
In Christ,

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