Monday, October 31, 2011

The Pond

I have a new favorite view these days.  While many things make me crazy about adjusting to a new area, one thing always seems to remain the same.  The view from my apartment dining room window always entertains  our family and we enjoy our meals everyday.

The view is quiet from my apartment.  The windows that open to the water add a nice filter for the light.  Softly the sun shines behind the tall sycamore tree whose leaves have turned yellow.  As the sun shines through the leaves even the water below it has a gorgeous yellow glow to it.

The ducks swim quietly, the seagulls glide through the air over the water completely oblivious to how beautiful their world seems to me.  The geese slowly glide into the water and head towards the island where all birds sleep that live on the pond.

Lunch time has passed, dinner is coming along and slowly I watch first one duck then another as they quickly disappear beneath the glass surface to find their meal below it's murky depths.  Sometimes if I watch long enough I see geese too begin their dive and watch as suddenly their bottoms waggle in the air while they search out their meal.  The gulls eat seamlessly and they all seem to work independently and avoid each other with signals only they know about.

As evening settles slowly over the water, it changes into a fine sheet of glass with small ripples from the birds or winds as they blow across the surface.  As I look out over the sheet of black glass I see only a few small reflections of lights from the houses across the way and other apartment buildings surrounding the lake.   In the middle the island home for the birds is the only interruption in these reflections.  

A quiet serene peace gently rests itself over the pond and the day comes to its sleepy close.  This is my view, my favorite view of any of the numerous places I have lived.  Even living in Sicily is hard pressed to compete with this beautiful view each day.  Gray weather, sunny weather, rain or shine, the pond holds a beauty that is proof the God exists and he created this breathtaking vision and all of the life in and around it.
Have a safe Halloween and a good week.
In Christ,

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