Friday, October 28, 2011

Life Lessons

You know the hazard of being an adult is sometimes you forget the things you learned growing up.  Actually, let me clarify that, you forget how you learned the lessons while growing up.  You learned sometimes by listening to your parents and a lot of times by learning from trial and error.

Today I was informed that Elizabeth and Beka were with another child trying to break down the fence around the pond.   The gate has been padlocked closed because people from the other side have been coming over and they sometimes stay where they shouldn't be, as in, on the property here where we all live.  As I was chewing them out, Elizabeth told me she wasn't doing it, but she was sitting there while it was happening. 

I am still waiting on the pictures, but I had forgotten that I often went along with my friends, and so suffered similar consequences - i.e. grounding and getting chewed out by my mom.  The thing is, whether you are standing there watching or joining in, if you see someone breaking the law and do nothing to stop them, you are just as guilty as they are of committing a crime.  Now to explain that to my 10 year old and 4 year old.  So we have a plan now, because the boy doing these things is often in trouble.

The plan is, if they see their friend or friends doing something they know is wrong, they are to run away from them and come to me, Chris, or Sarah.  This hopefully will work, we'll be reviewing it often.   And my girls are currently on house restriction for the weekend - no playing with friends or outside for them.   You know the saddest part, they seem to play very well inside together, it's when they go outside to the outside world they don't do so well.  So that is another obstacle we need to tackle. 

I hope you all have a good weekend.
In Christ,

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