Saturday, October 29, 2011


I know they say home is where your heart is, but I have to honest.  Right now, I miss Kansas.  I've spent the majority of my life in the Midwest and being in Washington while wonderful, is not Kansas. 

I miss the colors that come with a Midwest Fall, burnt oranges, reds, browns and yellows and even some deep purples.  I look around and see some of those colors but it's mainly gray and green. Hmmm. . . There are many things we love about Washington, we love the scenery, we love our church family and the friends we are making (Miss Patty, Aunt Heather, Miss Merry Knapp, I'm talking about you guys) and I love the teens I work with, but right now I really miss Mom, Karen, and Beth and Aunt Nina and Uncle Ed.  I miss driving a short drive to see my sister and her family and my brother if I can catch him on a day off.  I still have yet to meet his girlfriend, Ferrin and I'd like to do that sometime before I die.    I miss having a house with a washing machine and dryer in my house and I miss a place where I can drive during certain times of day and not worrying.  I miss snow, real snow, not flurries, but actual feet of snow. 

While I know this phase will pass, it is here right now and I'd love nothing more than to hop in my car and drive 20 minutes and see my mom!  Yes, I'm complaining a little bit, it's what happens when you move.  Now to look at the bright side.

Moving to Washington gave me the courage to home school Elizabeth and Rebekah, we have met some wonderful people here, while I miss Sonic, there is no Sonic to call my name and a happy hour to tempt me to purchase a bad for me Diet Cherry Diet Coke.  There is Costco here, which is helpful when you have a family of five for vitamins, tp, taco seasoning, etc. . .  I am still about 30 minutes from a Commissary so my grocery bill is a little higher, but not insanely higher.  We are realizing why we don't want to live in an apartment forever.  We have a nice little apartment, it's small, but the use of space is very nice.  We get to watch the ducks and geese swim all day when we sit down to eat.  On the down side, I have to make Elizabeth sit with her back to the window so she won't stare at the aforementioned ducks and geese and neglect her school work.  :D  We got to see Whidbey Island and Pike St. Market - which is awesome and they filmed part of Sleepless in Seattle there.  There is the ocean very near us and to the East and North - we have mountains and they are gorgeous to look at - maybe it's why they have traffic issues - people get distracted by the gorgeous view.  Since the girls home school, we can now let Lizzie join Camp Fire Girls because she isn't so spent at the end of the day.  The best thing we love about being here - we are much closer to the much loved and often missed Grandma Mary in Idaho!!!!

While I miss my former home, I also am enjoying the new home, but I foresee more homesickness afflicting me as the Holidays come upon us.  Especially, since we can't decorate the outside of our apartment until 1 week before the holidays and they have to be removed 1 week afterwards.  It tends to dampen the holiday spirit a bit. 

Have a good weekend and good Sunday.
In Christ,

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