Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Home School Update

Anyone who has been reading lately, knows that we have been facing some challenges with homeschooling the girls.   Rebekah is doing splendidly, she can write her first name and this week we are tackling her last name as well as the letter Q and the number 2.

We've faced more than a few challenges though.  Curriculum that is not what it is said to be, so I've sent it back.  Then I thought I got what I needed only to find out that the Teacher's book is not there!!!  History books that aren't labeled properly AND the vendor tried to tell me that they couldn't issue a refund after they mislabeled it themselves via e-mail?!  But all of those pale when it comes to helping Elizabeth learn.

We are moving into History and I am struggling to teach her the differences between continent, country, state, and city/town.   She still thinks we are living in Wichita, Kansas, and while she can show me in her history book where the continents are, she still can't name them.  Plus she is obsessed with China right now. . . Then in Science she has been playing me a bit when it comes to her workbook.  We are currently learning about what it is and the tools used to be a scientist.  I love her to  pieces, but she's pushing the limits of decency and decorum. 

Am I giving up?  No, because I discovered a few things. First, Lizzie needs help with her memory.  So doing the Bible verses can help her with that and so can working on her Math Memory game.  Second, I really enjoy having the girls at home more than I would enjoy them going to school.  Third, I am discovering the differences between each girl's learning style.  And so I can adjust what and how I teach each of them.  Lizzie is more of a hands on girl, so on payday we'll be purchasing a puzzle of the United States and a globe so we have a more practical tool to help her. 

Okay time to go. I have chili on the stove and I'd prefer it not burn.
Have a good week.
In Christ,

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