Monday, October 3, 2011

Changing of Seasons

Fall is slowly creeping it's way into Washington.  The leaves are subtly changing color and I find I am missing the Midwest.  I miss the vibrant colors that used to come with Fall in Kansas and Oklahoma.  I miss the trees with their vibrant oranges, yellow, reds, and browns.  I used to walk along our neighborhood streets towards the park with the girls and enjoy the changes that were coming.

Fall really is one of my favorite times and year.  Of course, I love Washington, but I'm wondering where are the amazing colors?  I see trees by across the pond, but there is no bright colors to them.  Mainly they become a light yellow and lose their green.  Of course, we also have a lot of spruce and evergreen trees around here (at least I think they look like spruce and evergreen trees).  And as much as I love the green that is around me, I miss Fall.  I'm struggling even now with not calling it a "Real Fall" of Kansas and the Midwest.

Don't misunderstand me, I love being in Washington.  Even though I know we won't likely spend our remaining years here.  I love how green it is and driving alone Mukilteo Speedway and being surrounded by trees to suddenly come to an area nearing Mukilteo and suddenly there is the ocean!   It's amazing and such an wonderful example of how God has created so much beauty, but today, today I miss Fall - I miss Kansas.  I miss my friends and being close to my mom.  I know it will pass, but there it is, I miss my Momma.

I hope you all have a good week.

In Christ,

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