Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Beka's face pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about now.  I thought I had found what I needed for History on Amazon.com.  However, due to poor titling on their part and lack of information, I ended up with 2 Teacher's Edition Heritage Study books each from a large gap in years (1985 & 1999), a test packet for 1996 that was missing multiple tests, but a complete test key also from 1996.  I have filed return claims for each of these items and hope to find something better on ebay.com. 

Today I feel like Alexander in Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day.  In a word, I am FRUSTRATED!!!!  First, Elizabeth was all over the place today.  I had a terrible time getting her to focus.  Second, After first lying to me, she finally confessed that she had her medication in her pocket.  So now I know I will have to watch her like a hawk to be sure she takes her medication like she should.   Third, I realized I needed to return these items and had to go about doing it.  Fourth, I realized that we still have a lien on our minivan.  This would be the same minivan we paid off within one year of purchasing it and so there should have been no lien at all.  Oh and I threw away our proof of registration in a burst of efficiency (thank you for that phrase, Ginny Schwarz).  Finally, after re-evaluation today (the final day by the way), Camp Fire Girls, and all of this other stuff, I could not get Elizabeth to focus so we could conclude our Science class that we had to stop this morning because she hadn't taken her medication and couldn't pay attention.

Now for the reasons I will not be moving to Australia.   I have additional supplies to help me while I await the new items I need to purchase AND I found a Heritage Studies package deal on ebay.com for much less money that I had to spend on Amazon.com.  I got to spend an awesome day with my husband, who was nice enough to not flip out when we realized that a) there was no registration in our van so we couldn't get temporary tags and b) that the lien hadn't been removed from the title, so we've been waiting for a month for our title and it was not coming.  Affordable Auto was very nice and will be fixing that very shortly ASAP so we can receive our title and I can once again shop and not worry about how I'm going to fit my groceries in a small four door Plymouth Acclaim.    So while I could scream and yell and throw a lovely temper tantrum, I choose to find the the positive things in today. 

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow. 

Love in Christ,

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