Friday, September 16, 2011

Special Bonds

As you can see from my pictures, Beka and Sarah are pretty tight.  How can you not love a cute little blond hair, blue-eyed imp who makes you laugh constantly with her funny saying or who loves to snuggle with you.  However, Sarah and Beka have a pretty special bond, which I know they both love. 
While Sarah and Elizabeth love each other, it's not always easy for them to live together since Elizabeth had Mom and Dad to herself until she was four years old when Sarah came to live with us.  So there is a bit of rivalry there, since Elizabeth is Chris and I's first born together and Sarah is our first born from his first marriage.  Two oldest children living under one roof doesn't make it easy.  Add to that Elizabeth's challenges and her age and it usually means lots of tears and fighting between the two older sisters.

However, when it comes to Sarah, Beka thinks the world of her.  She used to cry when we would take Sarah to teens or drop her off for a function/friends/pretty much anything that meant we left Sarah and she, Beka didn't get to go. 

Sarah patiently plays with Beka and tickles her.  She snuggles her, and talks about the cute and funny things she says (she talks about Elizabeth and the funny thing she says too, but they aren't bonded like Sarah and Beka).  I'm not sure, who needs who more, Sarah or Beka. 

Sarah patiently shoo's any bugs or rodents that scare Beka, she would always pick her up and snuggle her when the tornado siren would go off once she was home for home schooling.  She plays games with both girls and one of our favorite sounds at our house through the years have been those moments when all three girls are playing nicely in one room and you can hear them laughing and giggling. 

I know Sarah gets tired of being the oldest sister sometimes, but she's mainly ever kind and nice to the girls.  Our biggest challenge has been getting her to back off and let us be the parents.  While she and Elizabeth do butt heads from time to time, I think as they both grow older, they will become friends.  Beka on the other hand, is going to be devastated when Sarah finally leaves home.  I'm not sure that she will quite know what to do without Sarah there to snuggle her, read to her, or play games with her.  Because somehow just as it's special to Beka when Mommy & Daddy do those things, it's always just a little bit better when it's your oldest sister doing them. 

I hope you all have a good weekend.
In Christ,

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