Monday, September 19, 2011

Signs It Might Be Fall

 Fall has arrived in Washington and it's a bit different from Fall in KS so far as I can tell.  I'll keep a watchful eye and let you know for certain once I am positive. But it got me thinking:  What are your typical signs that it is Fall?

 So here it is, my list:  Signs It Might Be Fall
1. The temperatures that used to roast you alive (especially in KS and the southern region of the country) are now chilling you.  For us here in Washington it means I have needed to turn on my heater.
2. You find you need to trade your shorts in for long pants; sandals are traded for socks and sneakers (or rain boots in some areas); and sleeping in your underwear because of the heat is no longer a problem.
3. You trade ice cold lemonade to help you stay cool, in for a nice cup of hot tea/coffee (whichever you prefer) to help ward off the chill.

4. School supplies are on sale, and school has already begun.
5. You cannot go swimming outdoors anymore, now you require access to an indoor swimming pool if you want to pull out your swimming suit.
6. You start thinking dreamy thoughts of blankets and hot chocolate WITH MARSHMALLOWS of course, or hot apple cider.
7. Pumpkins AND Christmas decorations start coming out AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!
8.  You go to the grocery store and begin thinking about actually purchasing pumpkins to help the children decorate them for Halloween.
9. Sweatshirts become the staple of your wardrobe - and of course, sweaters as well.
10.  You trade in your beach gear for your child's backpack.
11.  Driving is needed to go anywhere, but it's not to keep you cool, it's to keep you warm or because if you live in Washington and Oregon, it's raining. . . again.

I hope you all have a good week.
In Christ,

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