Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Purpose Driven What?????

As we gear up for the school season and I start the ball rolling, I was reading through some of my books or teens and found an interesting one by Chuck Colson and the first thing he talked about was the fact that teens need to know they have a purpose.  This got me to thinking and of course, my next thought was RICK WARREN!  So I scrambled up from the table and grabbed my copy of The Purpose Driven Life  written by Pastor Warren and I realized something - the days are broken into small segments so they are perfect for Sunday School or youth devotionals.  AND I can tackle the question a lot of young people struggle with, "Why am I here, what is my purpose?  Was I an accident?"  These are important questions and I agree with Mr. Colson - it's important to not shut the teen down but to answer them honestly and let them know God made them for a reason.
This week we are going into Day 2 and I had originally contemplated adding Day 3 into the lesson, however, as I read the Day, I realized that this was a lesson too important to join with another day.  While it may not seem terribly important if you were raised in a two parent home and you don't have anyone in your family who was pregnant before marriage.  However, several of my teens were born earlier than their parents got married or their parents were pregnant when they married (I have two such children in my home).    And the truth is there are times when parents become very frustrated with their children and while most parents (I hope) would not tell their children they were accidents or mistakes, there are a lot of teens who have heard words indicating just that.  This can seriously mess with a child - making them wonder why they were even created by our Maker.  So I opted to stick to only Day 2, it's very possible that down the line we'll find days we can skip over or combine because together they are important for the teens but at this time, I suddenly saw an answer to a problem plaguing many teens today - feeling that they are worthless and no one cares.
I hope you all have a good weekend. 

Love in Christ,

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