Monday, September 26, 2011

Figuring Out Curriculum

So since I have opted to not use Washington Virtual Academy, I am back to the drawing board and looking at different curriculum.  So this is what I have discovered.  As a Christian, I have several options for curriculum but I am hitting a few road blocks with each one.
Alpha Omega Publications was fine for Sarah, but it uses the King James Version.  There is nothing wrong with the King James Version except this.  I am a smart, college educated woman and sometimes I am a little befuddled when reading it. Sarah as well, struggled a bit with Switched on Schoolhouse Bible, because it only uses the King James Version, so if we are struggling with it, I don't think Elizabeth would do well with Alpha Omega stuff.  So back to the drawing board I went.
I looked at Bob Jones University - TALK ABOUT EXPENSIVE!!!!  I hear good things about it though, so I am still searching.  I am mainly looking for Science and History - I have Reading, Writing and Spelling covered, but wow, BJU is costly. has some of their stuff on there, but it isn't really explained very well, so I am kind of looking around and working to find different things on different websites and hoping to find it for a cheaper price.  I also would prefer to have the new science books, and I'm a little concerned by some of the early stuff that says they don't know where electricity comes from?  Hmmm. . .
Saxon, so far, I have found very little wrong with Saxon.  Many of the reviews I have read only speak positively for it, so I am strongly considering using it or Science and Math. 
A Beka - A Beka would be good for Beka.  I used it when I was a little girl going to private school and I like that they use phonics and teach cursive writing which I can use for Elizabeth as well as Beka.   However, I also read that it is a lot of busy work and workbooks - not a good fit for Elizabeth.  We are already struggling with book work for school now, so anything that is going to make her more frustrated can't be too good and would be counterproductive to the idea of home school - enjoying learning, one on one and helping Elizabeth enjoy her school experience. 
Then I looked at Sonlight and the price alone cancelled it out of the running.   I am also looking at Hooked on Phonics for Beka and Elizabeth - they have a Mastery Reader program that I thought might help her out quite a bit, so it's something to consider.  Then there is the fact that if I buy something for Elizabeth I will more than likely hold on to it so I can use it for Beka later on as she grows older. 
Mainly I am thinking out loud here. This is where we stand. 
I have curriculum to use for Elizabeth for reading, writing and spelling - THANK YOU MOM and Mrs. Silveous.  :D
I have a few ideas for social studies, but I have to find something more concrete, so I am strongly thinking of A Beka for Social Studies for Elizabeth even.
I know what I want for Math and I am pretty sure for Science as well. 
Bible - I have tons of resources to use to teach the Bible and for memory verse ideas.  :D  So actually we are looking a little better than I thought we were.  I wish we could do LifePac, but I don't want to make Elizabeth frustrated or to feel stupid and I think that is what would happen with her.
I hope you all have a good day, now back to school - we're reading David and Goliath today!  We even did a coloring page that I found.
Love in Christ,

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